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It's late, you’re in your bed, binging youtube videos and finding yourself in the glittery hole that is beauty videos on the internet... we've all been there. We love catching up on our favorite videos so we've handpicked a couple of our favorites that include Verb. Watch below for product recommendations to tutorials (and try not to stay up too late). 

1. September Hits + Lots of Misses! | Casey Holmes

      We all know that just walking into Sephora means we're going to spend too much money, so we love watching recommended products beforehand! So for our first pick, we have the beautiful Casey Holmes reviewing some of her hits and misses. Not only does she talk about the Verb Sea Shampoo, but she also gives some great suggestions for foundation and eyeshadow palettes! Casey posts the best reviews so you know what to get and what to avoid at your next trip to Sephora!

2. Big fluffy curls/hair tutorial/easy hairstyle

    For a tutorial on an effortless and fun look check out this video by itslikelymakeup. She gives a step by step tutorial on how to get big curls featuring her super cute daughter and the Verb Ghost Hairspray! She creates the most amazing and unreal looks on her channel, and she makes it look so easy. Any makeup lover could watch her channel for hours.

3. Refresh Your Curls with Sophia Roe

    Need to figure out how to bring your curls back to life after not washing your hair for days? This Urban Outfitters video shows you how to use the amazing and affordable Verb products to refresh your curly hair and make it look like you just spent actual time on it (we know you didn’t)....and it doesn’t hurt that the beautiful Sophia Roe, verb friend and crush, is in it too.The Urban Outfitters channel is great for exclusive looks at products, tutorials, and easy how tos- basically great for anyone looking for a channel to binge watch.

4. How I Grew Long, Thick, + Healthy Hair Fast

    Are you over your short hair? Or did you just get a bad haircut that needs to grow out as soon as possible? This video is all about how lifestyle vlogger Allie Sevdalis grew long and healthy hair. This video talks all about the essential products you need to become #hairgoals, including Verb Ghost Oil! Allie Sevdalis creates great content you could watch all day, her vlogs are great and she always keeps it real.

For your sake we'll cap this list off at 4 for now, but stay tuned for more! Now try to get some beauty sleep. 


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