Benefits of sunflower seed extract for your hair

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We know good products are made of quality ingredients. That's why at Verb we include all kinds of great stuff like one of our faves moringa oil and another favorite? Sunflower seed extract! An ingredient used in our Ghost, Hydrate, Volume, Sea and Curl lines also know as helianthus annuus seed extract. Why do we include it? Because it's essential in protecting your hair and keeping it soft! While sunflowers are quite beautiful, the benefits of the extract that they produce is even better (and last longer... looking at you #plantmoms). Plus, there's a Verb product containing sunflower seed extract that could be just right for you. Check 'em out: 

heat + uv protectants

heat + uv protectants

check out some of
our sunflower seed extract
infused hair essentials

Why exactly do we include sunflower seed extract in our products? One of our fave reasons is natural UV protection, and it helps to guard against dryness, color fading and brassiness. Added bonus, the extract contains fatty acids so it is extremely nourishing when applied to the hair. In addition, sunflower seed extract can help to:

Control Frizz.

Sunflower seed extract fights and counteracts dryness and damage. It’s moisturizing properties help to rid of dryness that causes frizz and helps to prevent breakage.


Because sunflower seed extract is an emollient, it prevents water loss in the hair. That being said, it helps to soften and shine. In addition, it is super light and conditions hair without weighing it down.

Prevent Thinning.

Good hair health stems from having a healthy scalp. Adding sunflower seed extract to your scalp has great benefits. Sunflower seed extract contains vitamin E and additional properties that are effective in treating hair loss, baldness, and alopecia areata.

You can find sunflower seed extract in our Ghost Shampoo, Ghost Conditioner, Hydrating Shampoo, Hydrating Conditioner, Volume Conditioner, and Volume Spray.

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