Amino Acids for Hair: The Secret to Softer and Shinier Locks

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In the search for shiny locks and healthier hair, many of us are constantly on the lookout for the newest “miracle” ingredient. Enter amino acid hair treatments. While not new, these powerhouse compounds have been quietly revolutionizing the haircare space recently. 

These amino acid treatments offer a multitude of benefits that go far beyond just shine. Whether you're dealing with dryness, breakage or dullness, incorporating amino acids into your haircare routine can make a world of difference.

What are amino acids?

Amino acids are the fundamental building blocks of protein. They are also crucial for the health and strength of our hair and nails. Most importantly, they facilitate the synthesis of keratin, the predominant protein in hair — which contributes to its strength and structure. 

When it comes to amino acid hair treatments, these formulations can give your hair the TLC it needs. Most commonly found in hair bonding shampoos and masks, these treatments are enriched with specific amino acids such as arginine, cysteine and methionine, each offering distinct benefits. By replenishing the protein lost due to styling, chemical treatments or environmental factors, hair products with amino acids can leave hair stronger, smoother and more resilient.

Before we get into the specific benefits of amino acids for hair, it’s important to first know the different types of amino acids.

Types of amino acids for hair

There are around 20 types of amino acids that serve as the building blocks of proteins, all of which can be split into two different categories:

  • Essential amino acids are ones that your body cannot synthesize and must be supplemented by the food you eat.
  • Non-essential amino acids can be synthesized and occur in your body naturally so you don’t need to supplement them from other sources.

When it comes to amino acids in hair treatments, there are a handful that you’ll most often find, especially in shampoos and masks:

  1. Arginine improves blood circulation to the scalp and protects hair from damage caused by bleaching.
  2. Glycine stimulates the production of collagen which is essential for healthy hair and skin.
  3. Cysteine helps form disulfide bonds, which are necessary for hair’s structure and improve the condition of brittle and dry hair.
  4. Lysine absorbs calcium and formulates collagen which strengthens hair shafts.
  5. Methionine is rich in sulfur and aids in producing keratin, the main protein found in hair. 

Amino acid benefits for hair

Using amino acids for hair can offer a variety of benefits that contribute to healthier, stronger and more vibrant-looking hair. From protecting and restoring disulfide bonds to strengthening strands and sealing split ends, here are our favorite benefits of amino acids:

1. Protects and restores disulfide bonds

As discussed above, amino acids play a crucial role in safeguarding and repairing the disulfide bonds within your hair shaft. By protecting and restoring these hair bonds, amino acids assist in maintaining the structural integrity of the hair, making it more resilient and less prone to breakage.

2. Strengthens strands

Amino acids such as arginine and lysine provide essential nutrients for protein synthesis, which helps  hair become stronger from the inside out. With these amino acids, your strands can become tougher and more resistant to damage.

3. Seals split ends

If you can’t make it to the salon for a few more weeks, an amino acid-rich hair bonding treatment can help by temporarily sealing the outer layer of your split ends. When amino acids seal the cuticle layer of the hair, they can also prevent moisture loss and may reduce the occurrence of split ends. While the most effective way to deal with split ends is still to trim them, this solution makes your hair look smoother and feel softer until you can see your stylist again.

4. Enhances hair's shine and luster

Amino acid hair treatments work to improve the reflective properties of the hair, resulting in enhanced shine and luster. By smoothing the hair cuticle and reducing surface irregularities, amino acids create a smoother surface for light to reflect off, which can make the hair appear shinier and more vibrant.

5. Improves hair manageability

Using hair treatments and products with amino acids can nourish and strengthen the hair shaft, which in turn will make your hair easier to manage and style. This is due to improving overall strength and resilience. Your hair may then be less prone to tangles and breakage, allowing for easier styling, smoother strands and less frizz.

How to use amino acid treatments for hair

Mixing in amino acid-rich hair bonding treatments into your hair regimen can replenish the protein your strands may have lost from exposure to chemicals, heat styling or environmental stressors. These treatments are easy to use and provide your hair with a revitalized appearance reminiscent of a salon visit.

verb bonding shampoo

Our Bonding Shampoo was created to strengthen strands and relink broken hair bonds. But even if your hair is healthy and you don’t typically use heat styling tools, adding our Bonding Shampoo into your haircare routine every other week is great for maintenance. If your hair is recovering from major damage, you can use our Bonding Shampoo up to two or three times per week. For hair that isn’t majorly damaged but could use some repair help, using a bonding shampoo once a week can provide a healthy balance of hair repair.

verb bonding mask

Our Bonding Mask is a deeply nourishing hair treatment rich in the amino acid arginine. Together with mafura butter and vitamin E, this formula re-links broken disulfide bonds in the hair while providing moisture and protection.

What’s even better is that these products have results backed by research! Using both the Verb Bonding Shampoo and Mask together has been tested in a third-party lab and proven to, after one use:

  • Strengthen hair by 61% 
  • Temporarily repair split ends by 82%

Amino acid FAQs

Are amino acids good for your hair?

In short, yes! Amino acids are incredibly beneficial for your hair. They serve as the building blocks of protein and are essential for maintaining your hair’s strength, elasticity and overall health. Amino acid hair treatments and bonding products can result in stronger, shinier and more resilient hair.

What does an amino acid treatment do to your hair?

Whether it’s a cleansing shampoo, smoothing hair mask or an expensive salon service, an amino acid treatment works wonders on chemically-treated, overbleached or over-styled hair. These treatments are specially formulated to penetrate deep into the hair shaft, replenishing lost protein, repairing damage and strengthening each strand from root to tip. 

How do I know if my hair needs amino acids?

If you are noticing your hair is prone to breakage, feeling brittle or looking rather dry, you may benefit from amino acid hair treatments. While these hair products were originally developed for overbleached hair needing bond repair, their benefits apply to a wide variety of hair types, textures and concerns, from natural and curly to long and straight.

Shop for amino acid hair treatments your hair will love

bonding treatments for hair

Whether you're aiming to repair damage, strengthen strands or simply maintain overall hair health, our amino acid-rich Bonding Shampoo and Bonding Mask offer the a great solution. With a powerful blend of nourishing ingredients and an amino-bond complex featuring arginine, these products provide the care and revitalization your hair deserves. 

So take the next step towards healthier, more radiant hair and incorporate this incredibly restorative Bonding duo into your hair routine today!

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