5 easy hairstyles for curly hair

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The thing we love most about curls? Versatility. With hair that naturally gives so much texture and height, the hairstyles for curly hair are endless. We’ve rounded up a few curly hair tips, product recommendations and easy go-to styles for hair of all lengths or any curlfriend just looking to try something new. 

How to style curly hair

@actually_ashly with a curly updo and gold hoops

Crown of Curls

A crown fit for a queen. Bask in all your regalness with this super-sleek updo. Simply pull up your curls with an oversized hair-tie or pins and you’re good to go. To take your curls to even higher heights, pull your puff toward the front of your head and pick the curls for a high pineapple. Finish with Forming Fiber to slick down the sides and tame rogue flyaways.

forming fiber

forming fiber

long lasting styling
balm designed to
provide all-day hold

A Black girl with an afro smiling with her hand in front of her face

Fearless ‘Fro

Dating back to the 60’s, the Afro has always made a statement. Whether yours is adorned with defined ringlets or picked-out coils like the one above, it’s a hairstyle that will always turn heads. When perfecting your ‘fro, focus on creating shape and height by picking from the roots.

A white woman with tight red curls in front of a red door

Curly Bangs

Who said bangs are just for straight hair? Frame your face with some curly bangs to switch things up. The key to achieving the perfect length of curly bangs is to have them cut by a professional. Figuring out the right length whether you’re wearing them straight or curly can be tricky. Put the scissors down and leave it to the pros.

A Black woman wearing a twist-out in a half-up, half-down hairstyle with gold earrings

Half-Up, Twist-Down

Take your twist-out to the next level by bringing an old classic back. Gather a handful of twists (or curls) for a top pony and let the rest fall in the back. The trick is to gauge the right amount of hair you want in each section. For a fuller pony, add more hair to the top half. If you’re feeling adventurous, feel free to add a bang in the front like the one above. Finish with a barrette or a cool hair-tie for a pop of color.

A Black woman with curly hair wearing a middle part

Classic Middle Part

Less is definitely more with this go-to curly hairstyle. Opting for a middle part is a great way to naturally frame the face if you’re looking to give your hair some dimension. Start by taking a comb and making a part down the middle of your head. As a tip, using a rat-tail comb gives the best precision. After executing a sharp middle part, feel free to style your hair to your liking. Use a dime-size amount of Curl Cream to refresh twists and reactivate curls.

curl cream

curl cream

provides memory, definition
and light hold to all
types of textured hair

Tips for maintaining curly hairstyles

Allow your hair to dry completely. We know the drying process can be a drag and can sometimes seem endless but know that there is light at the end of the tunnel. Letting your hair to dry completely allows for all the products you used to set and do their thing. Disrupting this process can create frizz and defeat the purpose of all that styling.

Take down styles with oil to reduce frizz. After letting the hair set and allowing the products to work their magic, maintain that definition by coating your hands with some hair oil before taking down your hairstyle. This works especially well when taking down a twist-out or separating curls for fullness. Try using a pump of Ghost Oil in your palms to give your curls a smooth and shiny finish. 

ghost oil

ghost oil

formulated with moringa
oil for soft, frizz-free hair
from roots to ends

Preserve your curls with silk. The most important thing next to executing a style is preserving it. Sleeping with a silk scarf, a bonnet or a silk pillowcase is key when it comes to curls. First, silk helps your hair retain moisture by not absorbing it like materials similar to cotton would. But aside from that, it helps eliminate excess friction which can cause static, frizz and breakage. So do your curls a favor and invest in some silk products.

Best products for curly hair 

Curl Shampoo is a great starting point for maintaining curls. Properly cleansing while restoring moisture is the key to promoting healthy curls and a well-balanced scalp. Packed with glycerin and sunflower seed extract that naturally binds moisture to hair and deeply nourishes while increasing hair manageability. 

Follow up with Curl Conditioner to detangle and define curls. Shea butter and coconut oil enrich the hair with fatty acids and enhance the hair’s natural softness, luster and shine.  

Before styling, apply Curl Leave-In Conditioner evenly throughout wet or damp hair, gently detangling curls with fingers for added definition.  

Style with Curl Cream for curl memory and light hold to all types of textured hair. The lightweight formula activates curls while controlling frizz for all-day softness.

explore the curl collection

explore the curl collection

formulated to hydrate,
protect and define waves,
curls and coils

Need help choosing the best products for your curly hair? Check out our in-depth curly hair product guide that includes specific recommendations for each curl type.

What’s your perfect curly hairstyle?

Finding the right style for your curly hair can be overwhelming—but with the help of the right products and methods, anything is possible. Got even more curl-specific hair questions? We can help you build your perfect Verb hair routine designed for you and only you! Just DM us at @verbproducts on Instagram and we can help you say goodbye to bad hair days forever. 


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