How to style side, curtain, and other types of bangs

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Real talk: bangs are hard to style. We all know someone has taken the risk and sometimes it pays off and other times… well, you wear hair clips for a few months and act like nothing happened. There, we said it and now that we’ve all admitted this we can move on to the good stuff. 

Even though we like to joke about how bangs are usually a bad decision and a pain to style, we have to face the fact that when you style bangs correctly, they’re the perfect addition to a good hair day. However, we know what it’s like to wake up and see that your bangs decided to have a party while you were sleeping and feel like they’re beyond repair. Luckily, with the right hair products, a bad bangs day doesn’t have to stop you. That’s why we’re giving you the ultimate guide on how to style bangs in a variety of ways: 

Side-Swept Bangs

Side swept bangs

The classic side-swept bangs have seen some good times and bad times, but they ultimately do a great job at adding a little something extra to a haircut. Unfortunately, a lot of people don’t know how to style these bangs and end up pinning them with a clip (which actually looks pretty cute) and forgetting they exist. 

To get the most out of your side-swept bangs, style them when wet (either after washing or post-gym you can spritz in some volume spray). Use the 35mm Round Brush to blow dry them by positioning the brush on the upper side of the bangs and brushing towards the back of your hair. This will dry them so that they naturally curve to the side instead of falling flat on your face. 

Want to give them a bit more volume? Use the 55mm round brush and apply the smallest amount of Dry Shampoo afterward to add light volume. 

35mm round brush

35mm round brush

small barrelled round brush
to amplify volume and create
soft, dreamy waves

Straight-Across Bangs

Straight across bangs

Straight-across bangs seem simple and easy at first, especially because you actually do want these to fall flat on your face. However, landing on a perfect routine can be hard, especially when they start to grow and your next hair appointment isn’t for a while. 

If you’re styling your bangs wet, remember that the trick is to blow dry them straight downwards, then to one side and then the other to avoid them getting piecey or turning into curtain bangs. If you’re styling your bangs dry, spray some Dry Shampoo (in Dark for brunettes and Light for blondies) on the underside and top part for a quick, light cleanse and avoid them getting piecey followed by the same blow dry routine as when they’re wet. 

dry shampoo

dry shampoo

talc-free formulas
designed to make your
hair look and feel clean

Long Curtain Bangs

Long curtain bangs

The idea of having to style these type of bangs once you’re out of the salon chair can have you rethinking your decision. Don’t worry though, we’ve got the routine locked down so you don’t regret it! If you’re styling these wet or dry, we suggest this fool-proof routine. 

With a round brush like the 35mm Round Brush or 55mm Round Brush for extra volume, curl the bangs from the upper side towards the side you want them to be on, angling towards the back. Try to avoid the ends from completely curling by concentrating on the hair closest to the scalp and you’ll see the rest of the bangs follow in the same direction. Remember to use a heat protectant like Ghost Prep before blow drying to avoid damage. For non-wash day bangs, apply Dry Shampoo before and after on the same area closest to the scalp to avoid getting piecey. 

ghost prep

ghost prep

moisturize, detangle and
smooth with up to 425°F
of heat protection

Baby Bangs

Baby bangs

This style of bangs is so fun to have and can instantly make you look edgier! While you could use the same routine as you would with straight-across bangs, this style was made to play around with. 

Spray a little bit of Volume Dry Texture Spray or apply a pinky-swoop of Sea Texture Cream to give your bangs some texture and light wave. When applying any of these two methods, try to avoid applying directly to the hair closest to your scalp since this will make your bangs get dirtier faster. If you want to play even more with these bangs and like the piecey look, try styling with Sculpting Clay and running it through random strands throughout the bangs. 

volume dry texture spray

volume dry texture spray

a texturizing hairspray that
adds instant volume, light hold
and lived-in texture to all styles

Wavy and Curly Bangs

Wavy and curly bangs

First things first with these, make sure you cut them the right way. We recommend getting them cut while dry to make sure you’ve got the length down and that you take into consideration shrinkage. While this will make styling your bangs 10 times easier, you might want to add some product on difficult days. 

For wavy bangs, we recommend one spritz of Sea Spray on damp hair or on dry hair on days where you need a refresh and scrunching slightly after letting the product sit for a few seconds. For curly bangs, after styling the rest of your hair with Curl Cream, use what’s left to scrunch your curly bangs and shape them perfectly to frame your face however you want them to. To get rid of unwanted frizz on your wavy or curly bangs, a quick spray of Ghost Dry Oil will instantly refresh and smooth your bangs without applying too much product that might weigh down your hair and make you start all over again. 

ghost dry oil

ghost dry oil

vanishing dry oil mist
designed to add shine, detangle
and smooth all hair types

Now you can go talk to your stylist and figure out which style of bangs works best with your hair type, face shape, and hair routine and know that styling them can be (almost) quick and painless. If you need help figuring out how to style your bangs or want some tips, tricks or recommendations on anything hair related, send us a DM at @verbproducts on Instagram and we’ll help you find your perfect look.


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