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Hello curl friends! We love seeing all of your amazing #hairgoals and #curlgoals results with products from our Curl Collection. While the Curl Collection is designed to be used by all wavy, curly and coily hair types, we know that not all curls are created equal! 

We’ve gathered up the best Verb hair products for curly hair for each type to help you find the specific routine that works best for your curls and waves, whether that’s type 2, 3 or 4 and all the curls in between.

What type of curly hair do I have?

Curls come in several forms, from loose and wavy to tight and coily. The hair type scale goes from one to four; one is completely straight and four is coily. Each progressive number generally indicates tighter curls. However, each curl type also has three variations:

  • Type A is loose
  • Type B is the middle
  • Type C is tight

To determine what type of curls you have, take a look at the hair types chart below and see what curl pattern closely resembles your own hair.


curl hair type chart


Best products for curl type 2 hair

curl type 2 hair examples

If you’re in the 2A - 2C curl type category, your hair type ranges from loose curls to loose waves, often loose S-shaped strands. Think beach waves that can range from wavy to very light curls. When you fall under this category, you know that depending on the hair products you use combined with how often you wash your hair, it can look curly one day and wavy the next. The key is knowing what you’re looking for and then applying products to achieve it. If you’re looking for a wavy pattern, we suggest a combination of the Curl Collection, Ghost™ Collection and even the Hydrate Collection!

2a hair products

Type 2a is the closest type of curly hair that’s almost straight. To enhance and define type 2a curls, start by making Curl Shampoo and Curl Conditioner the foundation of your haircare routine (something applicable for every curl type). The shampoo and conditioner will help nourish curls and add definition, but your curls will still stay light and loose. To add more definition and tighten them up, add other products from our Curl Collection.

2b hair products

Type 2b curls are a bit more wavy, so we’d recommend the same hair products as above Curl Shampoo and Curl Conditioner plus our Ghost™ Air Dry Whip to help shape, style and define those waves the way you want.

2c hair products

Type 2c curls need a lot of love and care. To keep strands in check, your best option is using a Curl Cream that provides memory and hold. Beyond the normal Curl Shampoo and Curl Conditioner, we’d also recommend a deep conditioner that helps detangle any remaining loose strands.

Best products for curl type 3 hair

curl type 3 hair examples

This type of hair is easy to spot! These curl patterns tend to look like bouncy and perfectly defined ringlets. This type of hair is very springy, moves easily and isa more compact version of type 2 S-shaped waves. Type 3c hair is the most defined of this section, looking more like tight corkscrew ringlets that almost look like each curl was single-handedly curled. There’s no doubt that the Curl Collection is your best bet but remember to factor in other hair issues before using a full line!

3a hair products

Type 3a curls follow a corkscrew pattern, but can still be somewhat loose. The combination of Curl Shampoo plus Curl Conditioner followed by our Curl Cream is great for defining tighter curl strands while providing nourishment to keep your curls healthy and bouncy.

3b hair products

Type 3b hair is in the middle of the hair type chart, meaning your curls can often be loose or tight. The way you go about defining your curls isl largely based on styling. Try our  curly hair products and create the routine that works best for you!

3c hair products

Type 3c curls are the tightest of the curly type 3 hair bunch, with strands holding a super defined curly shape.  With this in mind, the type 3 curly hair products mentioned above are a good way to nourish and take care of your hair. . For a step further, it’s worth looking into hair treatments like hair masks and hair oils that will give your hair an extra boost of shine and moisture. 

Best type 4 hair products

curl type 4 hair examples

Let’s talk about curl type 4 hair! This hair type is often described as coily, textured or kinky. You’ll often see very tight S-shaped curls but mostly Z-shaped curls. They tend to have a lot of body and need maintenance to avoid tangles. While you’ll still see S-shaped curls with 4a hair, with 4b and 4c patterns, you’ll start to notice Z-shaped curls that shrink into tight curls and look short (but are actually an effect of shrinkage).

The amazing part about type 4 hair is that the Curl Collection is perfect for all of them! Hair types 4a through 4c can benefit from the hydrating and curl-defining properties of this haircare line. Whether you have fine, thick, oily or dry type 4 hair,  our Curl Collection can help make your hair look and feel more nourished and defined. Check out these curly hair products to add to your routine depending on your specific hair needs: 

Fine type 4 hair 

We recommend adding the Ghost™ Hair Mask to your routine once a week. In order to keep your hair looking weightlessly bouncy, use our Ghost™ Mask for a regular, lightweight conditioning treatment.Thick type 4 hair 

We recommend using the Ghost™ Dry Oil in between wash days. Keeping thick hair hydrated and avoiding too much product build-up can be a struggle. The Ghost™ Dry Oil is a gentle moringa oil-infused formula that instantly absorbs into the hair to weightlessly hydrate, reduce frizz and add a fresh scent to hair.

Oily type 4 hair 

We recommend using the Ghost™ Exfoliating Scalp Nectar to deeply cleanse your scalp once a week. By adding the Ghost™ Exfoliating Scalp Nectar to your routine, you’ll be able to reset your scalp by getting rid of  excess product build-up and environmental damage that can make a huge difference on type 4 hair.

Dry type 4 hair 

We recommend incorporating the Hydrating Mask into your wash routine. If your type 4 hair is dry, you’ll see and feel it, which is why adding a deep conditioner will immediately show results. The Hydrating Mask is a rich, restorative deep conditioning treatment that can help detangle your 4c coils easier and avoid pulling the hair or damaging it.

Choose the best hair products for your curl type!

At Verb, all of our hair products for curly hair contain only the good stuff and are free of parabens and harmful sulfates, plus they are vegan and gluten-free! If you aren't sure where to start, check out our Best Curl Day Kit which features a bundle of great products for curly hair. 

Have more specific hair questions? We can help you build your perfect Verb hair routine designed for you and only you! Just DM us at @verbproducts on Instagram and we can help you say goodbye to bad hair days.

If you want more product recs for your unique hair type, texture, concerns and goals — check out our hair quiz for personalized recommendations.

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