How to protect your hair during summer

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With the summer months upon us, it’s time to start thinking about what that means for your hair. Typically, haircare is a bit easier during the warmer months because there’s more moisture in the air but it’s still important to factor in other environmental stressors that can affect the health of your strands. We’ve put together a list of tips and products that can help with easy styling and protecting your hair throughout the summer months.

What happens to your hair in the summer?

In the summer, your hair faces some tough challenges. From sun damage and UV exposure to even the chlorine in pools, your hair becomes a lot more vulnerable in the summertime! Just like your skin, your hair can get damaged from those UV rays, leading to dryness, brittleness and even color fading if it's not properly protected. Then there's the dryness factor. With the hot weather and more time spent outdoors, your hair can lose moisture, making it feel dry and prone to breakage. And you can’t forget humidity, which can cause even the smoothest of hair to become frizzy.

When it comes to cooling off in the pool or taking a dip in the ocean, you’ll want to protect your hair from the chlorine and saltwater. Both can strip away your hair's natural oils, leaving it feeling stiff, crunchy and maybe even a bit green-tinted. Speaking of cooling off… We typically tend to sweat far more in the summer heat, which can lead to buildup on your scalp, making your hair look greasy and flat.

How to protect hair from the sun

Here are our favorite summer haircare tips to keep your strands healthy all summer long:

Tip #1: Pump up the hydration

Keeping your hair moisturized and hydrated during the summer is essential to prevent dryness, frizz and damage caused by environmental factors such as the sun, heat and humidity. In the summer, avoid overwashing your hair so you don’t  strip natural oils. Try to also incorporate deep-conditioning treatments at least once a week. And finally, make sure you are using lightweight, nourishing formulas that won’t weigh your hair down.

Tip #2: Invest in UV protection

Just like we protect our skin from the sun’s UV rays, your hair needs protection too. There are several different ways you can do this, one of which being to wear a wide-brim hat that provides protection from the sun’s rays. You can also use a scarf or hair wrap to protect your hair if you have longer hair. Additionally, protective hairstyles such as braids or buns can help shield your hair from the sun and minimize its exposure to UV rays this summer.

Tip #3: Rinse after swimming

After swimming in chlorinated or saltwater pools, make sure to rinse your hair with fresh water afterward to remove any chemicals or salt that can dry out or damage your hair. Chlorine can be incredibly damaging to hair as it strips it of its natural oils. It can even give lighter hair colors a greenish tint! To prevent this, make sure to always give your hair a good rinse after swimming, then, follow up with a nourishing hair oil.

Tip #4: Air dry when possible

During the summer months, limit heat styling and try to air dry as often as possible. Tools such as flat irons and curling wands cause damage to your hair no matter the weather. So to prevent further strain on your strands, let your hair air dry. If you must heat style, make sure you’re using a protectant spray!

Tip #5: Use gentle hair products

One of the best ways to protect your hair during the summer is to start by using gentle hair products. All of Verb’s  products are free of parabens, gluten and harmful sulfates.

Leave-in mist

When it comes to multitasking, Leave-In Mist takes the cake. This do-it-all leave-in conditioner has the power to moisturize, detangle, nourish, smooth, and tame frizz.— the list goes on. Packed with argan oil and green tea extract, it’s a great addition to add even more hydration after you’ve washed and conditioned your hair.. It’s perfect for keeping your hair hydrated while you’re out in the sun or even after you’ve been in the pool all day. On the go? Use a few spritzes and braid your hair up. The great thing about summer is that your hair can dry while you’re out.

Ghost™ oil 

The sun doesn’t have to be the only thing shining this summer. Our hydrating Ghost™ Oil acts as a hybrid serum in the way it simultaneously smooths strands and provides unmatched shine. Maintaining hairstyles during the summer can be difficult because of humidity-induced frizz, so it’s important to use a sealant when going outside.

ghost oil

ghost oil

formulated with moringa
oil for soft, frizz-free hair
from roots to ends

Curl cream

This cream styler is a staple for anyone out there with all curl types. . Curl Cream is a curl-defining cream that provides memory and light hold to all types of textured hair. The lightweight formula can activate curls, keeping them shapely and bouncy, while helping control frizz for all-day softness. Sunflower seed extract contains fatty acids that deeply nourish and increase hair manageability while providing natural UV protection. With the sun being a major factor in the environmental damage it can cause to your hair, it’s crucial to use a product that will help hydrate your curls and protect them. Providing a natural hold, this is great for wet styling and twist-outs.

Hydrating mask

Say hello to your new favorite hair treatment. Hydrating Mask is a rich, restorative deep conditioning treatment designed to nourish all hair types. Babassu oil and glycerin deeply hydrate the hair and naturally bind moisture to strands to restore dry, brittle hair. During the summer, it’s important to remember that our hair is not only affected by environmental factors. Overdrying from air conditioning during the summer can also affect your hair’s health. It’s crucial to deep condition your hair during the warmer months as well.

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Have more questions about how to manage your hair during the summer months? DM us on Instagram @verbproducts and we’ll answer all your haircare concerns. And if you’re still unsure which products are best to use in your summer haircare routine? Take our hair quiz for curated recommendations unique to you!

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