5 wet hairstyles for any occasion

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Wet hair? Don't care! 5 wet hairstyles to get you through 5 scenarios when there's just not enough time to dry your locks.

We know there are a plethora of reasons why you might not have time to give yourself a blowout (we love sleep too), or that sometimes throwing dry shampoo on it just won't work (looking at you day 4 grease). Don't worry we're here for you! As your fairy hair-mother we will guide you not to look like a hot mess with wet hair if you find yourself in any of the following scenarios. 

Scenario 1: (Post nighttime shower) I'm too tired to do anything other than scroll through Instagram + plan on sleeping in this towel

All you need for this one is some Sea Spray for texture, Ghost Oil for the ends (in the morning) and a hair tie to secure twisted hair into a bun. Basically you just twist, and keep twisting. Easy enough? We tested it, created fun messy waves! Just in case you want a little more put together look, hit the snooze button, and spend 5 minutes in the morning fixing random pieces with a wand. 

sea spray

sea spray

for soft, relaxed waves
and light, dry texture

Scenario 2: Oops I forgot to bring a blowdryer to my sleepover (bf/gf/bff/fam)

Photographed by: Christine Hahn.

This chic look is a quick way to make it look like you've got it together even with wet hair. Add Leave-In Mist or Ghost Oil to keep strands frizz-free and looking profesh. All you need is a hair tie and a bobby pin. Read this tutorial from another office favorite, Refinery29, to get the look. 

ghost oil

ghost oil

formulated with moringa
oil for soft, frizz-free hair
from roots to ends

Scenario 3: I went out last night, forgot to set an alarm, and must shower but no time for drying before work/brunch

This look works great for many occasions. Work, brunch, school.. you name it. You can make it more fun and playful by adding texture with Sea Spray or keep it more professional by pulling back wispy pieces and using Ghost Hairspray. All you need is a hair tie, a few bobby pins and this tutorial from The Freckled Fox

ghost hairspray

ghost hairspray

flexible, medium hold
hairspray for workable hairstyles
and all-day control

Scenario 4: That yoga class had one too many down dogs and now I don't have time to dry 

Before styling, start with some Volume Spray. It works to make hair smell great and boosts any post-workout sweatiness.  This style can be done in multiple ways, use whatever braid you feel more comfortable with (here you can see an inside-out french braid) braid your hair, use some Ghost Oil on the braids so that the hair dries frizz-free and bobby pin the braids crisscrossed at the back of your head. Seems easy? It is!

Lazy girl tip: if you really can't spare the time to wash your hair in the post-gym shower, no worries, wear your hair in french braids while working out, then you just need to spray and bobby pin back (we won't tell anyone how gross you are). 

volume spray

volume spray

lightweight volumizing spray
that amplifies hair for a
flexible, full-bodied finish

Scenario 5: Beach/pool time was great and I have no time to go home before I meet my friends (because I have serious #fomo)

It's summer and that means not only days in the sun but lots of post-pool day activities. We know that FOMO ("fear of missing out" for y'all who are clearly already missing out) is a real thing. So use this video tutorial to find a bunch of creative ways you can style your hair quickly between throwing on a cute cover-up and heading to get rooftop cocktails. Also, yes we know this one is kind of cheating because there are multiple hairstyles... choose your favorite! We really like the braided bun look. 


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