7 vacation hair problems solved

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Here are 7 of our biggest vacation hair woes decoded and solved.

We get it, the last thing you want on vacation is for your beauty routine to feel like work or take up any of your precious r and r time. But let's be honest, sometimes the unpredictable city elements or a 'ran out of my travel size products' moment causes us to lose control over our locks. 

1. No blow dryer, no problem

We all know hotel blow dryers are the equivalent of a light breeze and their ability to create frizz is uncanny. Trying to make it work with a few extra brushes and hotel products is worse than just never unpacking the wanna-be-blowdryer from that weird cloth knapsack. Instead..opt for an air dried look! Here are some our favorite ways to say wet hair, don't care. 

2. Airplane hair

Whether you are flying a few hours to Miami or crossing an ocean, keeping your hair looking fly is not something you can do on autopilot. We always opt for dutch french braids. They keep your hair neat, make it easy to rest your hair against the headrest and add a killer punch to any outfit. 

3. I woke up like this

We know you might be waking up next to a friend, new lover, judgmental mother, or anyone that gives a wrongly placed hair some side eye. So for those moments where you haven't quite made it to the next level of comfort, we have you covered. To be able to wake up and say I woke up like this and mean it… start by putting Dry Shampoo on your roots before falling asleep and picking your favorite braid to sleep in. We generally pick a loose side braid but any braid will have you waking up saying- hello sunshine!

4. TSA h8s good hair

Checking your bag is a hassle and ain't nobody got time to wait for a carousel when you could be waiting for a piña colada. That does mean you have to abide by TSA regulations and ditch the full size products. Lucky for you our favorites come in all different sizes. Verb's hair on the go kit has your must-haves for any vacation. Don't see what you like there.. here is a whole section of travel sizes! 

5. Bobby pins are MIA

Bobby pins growing legs and walking away is a problem we have 24/7 (not just on vacation) but they might not be so replaceable on that remote island you are sunbathing on. Instead opt for one hair accessory you know you can keep track of. We are obsessed with Jen Atkins new collaboration with Chloe and Isabel. If you invest a little, you will have better luck holding onto that little golden hair piece.

6. In and out of h20

We all agree the perfect amount of salt water and chlorine does wonders for your natural hair but if you over do it, bad things start to happen. We don't need to get into the gritty details of green, dry hair but prepping with Leave-In Mist will protect your strands. Trust us, it's worth taking the extra second after you have lathered on your sunscreen to spritz a little on your locks.

7. Everything Else...

And for all the other vacation worries, the answer is probably Dry Shampoo. 

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