Best beauty & hair care travel products for your next vacation

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Going on vacation shouldn’t mean having to throw your hair care and beauty regimen out the window just to get through airport security. Whether it’s a quick weekend getaway or a long trip abroad, here are some TSA-friendly products that we’ll be taking with us on every trip.

Travel-friendly hair & beauty products

Since we're all about hair and don’t want to worry about dealing with bad hair days, we'll be packing these staple products.

Travel-size shampoo & conditioner

Hotel shampoo and conditioners are never promised so it’s essential to bring your own. Ghost™ Shampoo and Ghost™ Conditioner are great for all hair types, especially fine hair, so whoever you’re vacationing with will probably also want you to share!

Hair texture spray

Verb Volume Dry Texture Spray

Our Volume Dry Texture Spray is perfect for completing that ‘model off-duty waves’ look and a must for beach trips. If you want to travel with only the essentials, so this is a great product to have when you're going out at night and want your hair to look beach-wave-perfect without the knots and sand in your locks!

TSA-friendly dry shampoo

Verb Dry Shampoo (Light and Dark)

For those who go straight from the fun to even more fun, washing your hair isn't in the calendar. Thankfully, our dry shampoo comes in handy to make sure your hair doesn't look like you've been up and down all day. Clean your hair in a pinch with this travel-friendly dry shampoo and add light volume.

Travel-size hair oil

Verb Ghost Oil

Our best-selling Ghost™ Oil is also TSA-friendly for your next destination, whether you’re jetting off for a romantic getaway, family vacation or weekend escape with friends, this oil is designed to fight frizz and enhance shine. It’s the perfect companion for any and all vacations.

We also have a special travel value kit that includes this Ghost™ Oil, as well as our Ghost™ Shampoo and Ghost™ Conditioner, Glossy Shine Spray and a fanny pack to keep everything organized. The best part? You get almost half-off the total value of everything in the kit!

Facial cleanser

A favorite around the office, this cleanser is great for removing makeup or any build-up on your face. It’s basically like a green juice cleanse for your face! Whether you feel like you have the beach, pool, or just entire day stuck on you, this product will help you feel like you've removed the whole day from your face so you can start clean tomorrow.

Mini hydration cream

With all the sun your skin is exposed to, it is so important to remember to moisturize! This isn't just for those of you heading to the beach – vacations usually include spending the day outside getting to know the place you're visiting. Wherever you go, you'll be exposed to the sun, so it's important to be moisturized and avoid coming back home with damaged skin.

Waterproof sunscreen

This is a no-fuss sunscreen that you can use on your face and body. It’s water resistant too, so you don’t have to worry about reapplying it a million times. Plus, it isn’t streaky and doesn’t smell like traditional sunscreens!

Refreshing face mist

Sometimes your agenda can be so packed that there's no time to go to your hotel room for a refresher, or maybe you just don't want to walk all the way back. For those moments, use this mist to quickly refresh and cool down.

SPF lip treatment

These lip treatments are awesome because they come in fifteen different shades to match whatever look you’re going for. They feel and moisturize exactly like a lip balm, but look like a matte lipstick or lip stain.

Miniature natural deodorant


This is an effective natural deodorant with a texture that is comparable to a normal stick deodorant. It glides on nicely and doesn’t stain clothing, and is the perfect size for your travel bag.

Travel in style

Pack these travel essentials and your hair, body and face will thank you. Taking care of yourself should never take a vacation, even if you do! Remember to follow us on social @verbproducts and DM us with any travel or hair questions.

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