Insta braid inspiration perfect for summer

Posted by Kayce Sebree on

Summer is arguably the best time of the year... longer days, warmer nights, summer Fridays at work, an appropriate time to sing "Summer Nights" from Grease, the list goes on. However the not-so-great things, like humidity and the heat, mean we need to change our beauty routine a bit to accommodate.

One of our favorite ways to stay cool is to add a braid. We've handpicked these styles below from some of our favorite stylists across Instagram. Take a look to inspire your next braided hairstyle perfect for any summer adventure.

Before you start braiding: Dry Shampoo is perfect to get styles together quickly, add a bit of volume and keep the heat from giving you "Grease"-y strands. If you're looking for a loose "I'm really a mermaid" braid then opt for some Sea Spray to give texture. For those more put together looks try using Ghost Hairspray to give a light hold and de-frizz any style. You'll also need hair ties, bobby pins and for some of these to enlist your bff or a youtube tutorial. Happy plaiting!

Now go forth with the confidence of "bad Sandy" and get to braiding... or finding a hot Danny to sing you songs and pelvic thrust while dancing on cars. You know, whatever you're into. 

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