Glossy Collection Reformulation

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Glossy Collection Reformulation 

Good news! We’ve considered some of your comments and concerns and are happy to announce that we’re reformulating products in our Glossy Collection. These updates are a result of customers’ reviews regarding what works with our products and which products could use some help. 

We heard your concerns about how the shampoo doesn’t foam well and how the conditioner barely squeezes out of the bottle – and we agree with you! We’ve made the necessary changes to make using our Glossy Collection the best it can be, and we can’t wait for you to try our reformulations. Read below to learn more about what’s changing with Glossy Shampoo and Conditioner!   


Glossy Collection 

Q: What happened to the old Glossy formulas? 

A: You spoke, we listened! While our original Glossy formulas are great, we saw some minor changes that needed to be made to make using these favorite products even better! Check out our FAQs for our Glossy Shampoo and Glossy Conditioner to learn more. 


Q: What changed from the original Glossy collection to the new collection? 

A: We improved the formular of our Glossy Shampoo so that it has more “foamability” and lathers better on your hair. Our Glossy Conditioner has a new texture so that it squeezes out of the bottle easier.  


Q: Why are you changing the formulas? 

A: Our formulas changed so we could make these accommodations and give you our best Glossy Collection yet! Improved formulas allow for a better lathering in our Glossy Shampoo and a less thick (but just as hydrating) Glossy Conditioner. We can’t wait for you to try them!  


Glossy Shampoo 

Q: What changed in the shampoo? 

A: We updated the formulation of the ingredients in the shampoo to allow for a better and more foamy lathering experience. It's still powered by rosehip oil, squalane, peach oil and a shine-enhancing complex to give your hair ultra moisture and high shine.  


Q: What is the new Glossy Shampoo texture like? 

A: The new Glossy Shampoo texture is similar in touch to our previous version, but it lathers with more foam when applied to the hair.  


Q: Did you change the fragrance? 

A: The fragrance for our Glossy Collection remains the same! It’s a gentle citrus scent with notes of oatmeal and pink grapefruit. 


Glossy Conditioner 

Q: What changed in the conditioner? 

A: We updated the formulation of our ingredients so that the new Glossy Conditioner is slightly less thick than the previous version, making it much easier to use!  


Q: What is the new Glossy texture like?  

A: The new Glossy Conditioner is now easier to squeeze out of the bottle!  


Q: Did you change the fragrance? 

A: The fragrance for our Glossy Collection remains the same! It’s a gentle citrus scent with notes of oatmeal and pink grapefruit. 


For customers who purchased the original Glossy formula:  

Q: Are the original formulas still okay to use?  

A: Absolutely! The original formulas are still great to use. Our new formulas have been updated to increase shampoo foamability and improve conditioner consistency.  


Q: Will the new formulas give me the same results that I had before with the original Glossy Collection?  

A: It sure will! You’ll get the same moisture and high shine with our new Glossy Collection, but this time it will be even easier to use.  


Q: Why are you still selling the old formulas? 

A: We're still selling the original formulas until they’re sold through. Nothing is wrong with them (and we promise they aren’t expired either)! We just made some improvements to the shampoo and conditioner formulas, and we think you’ll love them. As locations sell through their stock, we'll be replenishing with the new and improved version. 


Q: Are you discontinuing the original formulas? 

A: Once old formulas are sold through, we will only be selling the new version moving forward!  


Q: Is there going to be a price increase with these new formulas? 

A: Our full-sized prices will remain the same at $20!  


Q: I see [insert retailers name] is still selling the original formulas. Are they safe to use? 

A: They are totally safe! The changes we made to improve the Glossy Collection were strictly to make using the products easier, not due to any safety concerns regarding the ingredients. 

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