What Makes Ghost Oil Stand Out?

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What is Verb Ghost™ Oil?  

Our Ghost™ Oil is a fan favorite! It’s an everyday, lightweight hair oil made to smooth hair, reduce frizz and add all-over shine to hair. This 5-star bestseller is part of the Ghost™ Collection and has been seen all over social media, even going viral on TikTok!  

What ingredients make Ghost™ Oil stand out?  

Ghost™ Oil is powered by moringa oil and bamboo extract, both of which are great for hair. Moringa oil moisturizes and smooths the hair while bamboo extract deeply conditions the hair for lightweight hydration. These ingredients not only provide moisture and softness, but our Ghost™ Oil is so weightless that you can use it every day without your hair feeling extra oily or greasy.  


What does Verb Ghost™ Oil smell like?  

Ghost™ Oil has a gentle citrus scent with notes of oatmeal and pink grapefruit.  


How do you use Ghost™ Oil? 

We recommend using 2-3 pumps of Ghost™ Oil on damp or dry hair to weightlessly hydrate hair, reduce frizz and add all-over shine. You can absolutely use this oil daily, which is one of the reasons people love it so much. The formula is light enough to not leave hair feeling weighed down while also moisturizing your hair. 

You can use Ghost™ Oil on damp or dry hair, in between washes, before styling of however you desire. Plus, it’s great for all hair types and textures!  


What are some before and after results of Ghost™ Oil?  

We love the way our Ghost™ Oil performs! Here are some *unretouched* photos of models after using the oil as directed.  


How can I use all the items in the Ghost™ Collection as a regimen? 

Great question! We’ve broken down our “Best Way to Ghost” routine for you.  

  1. Before washing, exfoliate your scalp with our Ghost™ Exfoliating Scalp Nectar. 
  2. Wash hair with Ghost™ Shampoo and detangle with Ghost™ Conditioner. 
  3. Add Ghost™ Oil to hair from mid-length to ends for shine and frizz control. 
  4. Apply Ghost™ Air Dry Whip throughout damp hair for definition and air-drying styles.  

We love our Ghost™ Collection and we think you will too!  

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