How to repair your dry summer hair

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We've started reaching for our favorite jean jacket which means whether you're excited or not (we are... hello fall fashion!) summer is coming to a close. We enjoyed the beach time, pool parties and summer Fridays but the sun, sea, chlorine, humidity... you name it, definitely took a toll on our locks. 

We also know that when the weather starts to cool down, the heat tools start to make their way into our routines more frequently. After summer elements and looking towards all the days that require a blowdryer ahead of us, it's the perfect time to repair dry/damaged locks. 

So while you're getting your fall wardrobe and pumpkin spice latte orders ready, here's how to nurse your hair back to health faster than you can say "do you have cashew milk?"

Add a clarifying shampoo to your weekly routine:

Usually in the fall, our hair requires a bit more product to give it life (and keep it together against the elements). A clarifying shampoo will do wonders to get the build-up of products out of your hair and allow you to start each week with a clean slate. If you plan on upping your product use this fall, we recommend reaching for Reset Clarifying Shampoo once every 3-5 washes to ensure your scalp is well-balanced and build-up free. Read more about the benefits of using a clarifying shampoo here

reset clarifying shampoo

reset clarifying shampoo

designed to remove product
build-up for super shiny hair
and a balanced scalp

After clarifying it's important to use a deep conditioning treatment as well. This leads us to the next step to getting your hair back on track...

Condition at least once a week with a hair mask:

For colored, over-styled, chlorine ridden hair, using something with deep conditioning properties can help manage and restore dry, brittle hair and split ends. Our Hydrating Mask is formulated with babassu oil which works to provide a high dose of hydration to your locks to add shine and softness. It's great to add this into your routine at least once a week. For those who have extremely dry or damaged hair because of coloring and heat styling, feel free to use this mask multiple times a week.

hydrating mask

hydrating mask

restorative deep conditioning
treatment designed to
nourish all hair types

Prep wet hair with a leave-in conditioner:

We think the great Derek Zoolander said it best:

"moisture is the essence of wetness, and wetness is the essence of beauty" 

So with that little gem of knowledge in mind think of leave-in conditioner as moisturizer for your hair. Make sure to add a leave-in conditioner to your wet hair to prep for styling and to detangle, de-frizz and condition. Leave-In Mist is a great option that works to moisturize while not weighing down fine hair which we're sure would be Mr. Zoolander approved.

leave-in mist

leave-in mist

multitasking leave-in conditioner
that moisturizes, detangles,
nourishes and smoothes

Find a heat protection spray for styling days:

Great news, Leave-In Mist protects hair before styling to help retain moisture however if you are doing some intense straightening or high heat styling, we recommend looking into a proper heat protectant, like Ghost Prep. If you're an avid heat styler, you must make sure that you're adding at least one of these products into your routine to prevent any further thermal damage. 

ghost prep

ghost prep

moisturize, detangle and
smooth with up to 425°F
of heat protection

Use dry shampoo: 

By now we all know that constant washing/blowdrying/styling wreaks havoc on our locks so the easiest way to minimize damage is to try and reduce those days. It's important to find a dry shampoo you like that can replace styling days a couple (or in our case..most) days a week. Dry Shampoo is a great way to cleanse hair of oils while adding lightweight volume. 

Perk: Dry shampoo mornings give you more time to get precious beauty sleep. For 14 quick hairstyles that are perfect to pair with a dry shampoo morning, read here. 

dry shampoo

dry shampoo

talc-free formulas
designed to make your
hair look and feel clean

Finish with a hair oil:

Oils have been trending so long that now it seems it may be a staple in every beauty routine. Oils work great to soften hair while smoothing and adding shine. Ghost Oil works with moringa oil to enrich the hair shaft with essential nutrients and finish off any look with a super lightweight formula. 

ghost oil

ghost oil

formulated with moringa
oil for soft, frizz-free hair
from roots to ends

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