Tips & Tricks to Get Voluminous Hair

10 Tips & Tricks to Get Voluminous Hair

From breakup bangs to color catastrophes, we've all made bad hair choices but full bodied locks will never go out of style. And whether your hair is fine, straight, curly, (you name it) or you spend hours styling eventually it seems to fall limp. Lucky for you (and us fine hair girls), there are slight tweaks to your everyday routine that will help lift those locks! 

Start in the shower, the right shampoo is critical

Volume starts at the root and many shampoos can have chemicals that strip the hair which will cause it to fall flat. It's important to use a cleansing shampoo like Verb Volume Shampoo that cleanses hair and has a pro-vitamin package to ensure tangle-free, weightless volume. 

Try not to directly condition the roots

Conditioning the roots can cause buildup and your hair to produce oil faster. If your strands NEED all the hydration they can get then use something like Verb Volume Conditioner that helps soften while remaining weightless. 

Stylist tip: Reverse Washing might be best for your hair type and can help improve volume! If you're unsure about the technique read more about our experiment with it, here

Switch up your blow-dry routine

Blow-drying your hair upside down is a surefire way of lifting your strands, this can give you some real volume at the roots (where it all begins). The best way to extend volume is to dry hair about 70% and then re-wet strands with a volume spray extender. Verb Volume Spray works with co-polymers to expand each hair strand so apply very liberally from roots to end. Finish your blow-dry and viola! #bigtexashair

Stylist tip: For maximum results, combine Volume Spray with Verb Sea Spray spritzed throughout the hair to add even more volume. 

Use a round brush to style hair 

During your at-home blowout, use a round brush so that the times you don't blow-dry upside down you can keep roots lifted. Simple as that. If you remember one thing from this... keep those roots lifted!

Tease at the root

You don't have to go all giant Texas "does she have a bump it in under there?" hair but slightly back teasing at the root does work. We recommend designating a new toothbrush as your teasing comb, works great to slightly tease the 1/2 inch of hair closest to the.. you guessed it... root. 

Flip & spritz, works every time 

Yes, we did say that like "bend and snap" from Legally Blonde. The newly coined "flip & spritz" is when you finish styling your hair, flip your head over and spritz with lightweight hairspray at the roots. Let the hairspray dry (about 15 to 20 seconds) before going up right and on with your day. 

Post styling to keep up the volume...

The right hair cut can go a long way

Make sure to visit a Verb salon near you or let your stylist know that you are looking for a cut to help you maintain volume. Layered cuts tend to help create movement and help with the appearance of fuller hair. 

Use a dry shampoo to add volume

There's a fine (hair) line between washing too much and loving dry shampoo too much. Make sure to try and use dry shampoo for at least the first day you notice your hair becoming a bit limp. Verb Dry Shampoo works with natural tapioca starch to remove oil from your hair. Massage powder into your roots with fingertips to create light volume (aka. bring life back into your style). 

Switch up your part

This one may seem like basic knowledge, but it's also easy to forget so here it is. When your hair is starting to fall flat go for a deeper side part, or if you're feeling c r a z y, maybe even reverse your natural part to the other side. This should get you at least one more day of volume before having to wash/style again (and probably a few looks from your coworkers trying to figure out what is different about you). 

Treat yo self #healthyhair

Make sure that you're keeping your hair as healthy as can be, because healthy hair is happy hair and people with happy hair just don't kill their husbands (yes, another Legally Blonde reference). We recommend taking a vitamin like Biotin that will help with hair growth, thickness and shininess.. aka. unicorn secrets. 

Bonus to feel good & get volume: Give yourself weekly scalp massages, it's said to help stimulate hair growth and clears pores of follicle blocking oil. 

Double bonus: Get someone else to give you that scalp massage (and pat yourself on the back for your excellent negotiation skills). 

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