Should you shampoo every day?

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Should You Shampoo Every Day?

Should you have another glass of wine? Should you pop that pimple? Should you shampoo your hair every day?

Ah, life’s toughest little questions. We’ve all struggled with them.

Our advice…yes, no, and it depends.

While that last answer may seem like a cop out, it really is the best way to think about this age-old question. That’s because how often you should wash your hair can depend on a variety of factors—like your hair type, your lifestyle, or even just your personal preference. I mean we all have that one friend whose hair looks perfect even though she hasn’t washed it in a week, right?

Curious where you fall on the no ‘poo to the have-to-wash-it-everyday-or-you-look-like-a-grease ball spectrum? We’ve got some answers for you.

If you have fine, thin, or extremely straight hair…


If you work out everyday…

Then you may want to shampoo every day or every other day.

Those of you blessed with straight hair may know this all too well: you can go from sleek to slick FAST. That’s because it’s easier for oils to move down your hair than it is for your curly- or wavy-haired counterparts. Want to extend the time in between washes, but don’t want to look like, say, Severus Snape? Accio that dry shampoo, my friends.

For my barre babes, Soul Cycle sisters, and Cross Fit queens…working out and sweating everyday can cause excess oil to build up on your scalp. So it may be a good idea for you to keep some travel sized shampoo in your gym bag and wash your hair more often. Or try one of these killer workout hairstyles and hit the ground running.

If you have thick, long or curly hair… 


If your hair is dull and dry…

Then you may want to put some time between washes, or consider co-washing (conditioner-only washing). Women with curly hair don’t need to wash their hair that often (maybe once or twice a week) and those with long hair should avoid daily shampooing as it can cause breakage and split ends. No thank you!

If your hair feels dull or dry, that can be a bad sign you’re washing it too much. Lay off the suds for a few days, and try incorporating a hydrating mask into your weekly routine.

If you have color treated or damaged hair...


If you want to go through a major color change...

Have thin straight hair but have bleached the ever living heck out of it? We think in this case the "damaged hair" label takes precedence. Try to go 3, 4 or (you-go-nasty-woman) 5 or 6 days between washes. The internet says that your hair can change to favor less washing days and will eventually produce less oil, google it. 

Why so many days between suds? Over washing can dry hair out and strip essential natural oils. Style days also mean heat days and the more you avoid heat the better. If you must, use a heat protectant and lower that blow dryer to medium or dial the wand down to 325. 

**we recommend daily showers without the shampoo as part of being a clean person in society. We all thank you (especially those who have to sit next to you on the subway).

Final verdict?

All in all, deciding what shampoo schedge works best is up to you. That could mean washing every day, or taking the repeat out of lather, rinse, repeat. But whatever you choose, know that Verb will be there to keep your hair looking clean and beautiful. 







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