10 Workout Hairstyles Beyond The Pony

Raise your hand (or do a burpee) if one of your New Year's resolutions was to be healthier? We get it, #fitness is a real thing we should all do more but there's also netflix and chill. The comfort of your bed, working overtime, book (aka. wine) club... the list of excuses goes on and on. Here are 10 hairstyles to help you look cute at the gym and boost your motivation, spritz on Strong Hairspray and they're sure to last through any workout. 

The Upgraded Pony - Here's a twist on the classic ponytail. Follow this tutorial from Brit+Co to get the look. After your workout, spritz with Volume Spray and you're good to head to the office.

The Braided Bun - We love the hair tutorials from Camille Styles, this one included. This one mixes two of our go-to styles, braid + bun, for the perfect gym look. Bonus? After a good sweat, you can take your hair out of this look, dry shampoo the roots & spritz some texture spray and viola! messy wavy perfection. 

The Perfect Combo - Another great look that combines the classics, half braid + half pony. A little dry shampoo + volume spray to refresh afterwards and you can take this look to brunch. 

The Twisted Pony - The ponytail is a go-to and here's a literal twist on a classic and apparently is known as the "licorice braid". Tutorial here

The Low Bun - This one is quick, simple & a classic... what more do you need? Combo dry shampoo & a hair perfume after working out and you could head out on a date night (although you should probably take a quick body shower if you're hoping for a follow-up date). Check out how to get this look here

The Triple Upgraded Pony - This looped ponytail look from Refinery29 is great for girls with longer hair or layers. We also think it's pretty dang cute so you can run a blowdryer towards it and wear it after the gym too. Run some Ghost Oil through the ends and you're ready for anything. 

Twisted Side Braid - This look could honestly be for any occasion, even a fancy party, but we think it would work great for the gym too. Keeps your bangs out of your face, all while looking stylish and wearable to any after-gym activity. Full tutorial here

Cute Low Buns - Wanting to switch it up from a pony or braid? Here's a quick & fun & look. Check out how to wear pigtails as an adult in the tutorials from Brit+Co here

The Small Details Pony - Instagram is also an amazing place to find daily inspiration, here's a look we found on Riawni Capri's insta. You can take this look from gym to glam by adding Volume Spray to the pony + Ghost Oil on the top, after your workout. 

The Dutch Braid Bun - Really going to sweat? This style is great to keep your hair out of your face during any workout. Tutorial here!

Found the perfect look for you? We hope you're as excited as Brad Pitt is to workout now... see you at the gym!