Verb Music: New Year, New Music

Happy new year, happy new music.

There are many things to be excited about in music right now. This playlist has a little bit of everything from the end of last year to things released today, all great but a few major callouts...

Death Cab For Cutie (has risen!) - Yes, your high school heart can be happy again with their new single "Million Dollar Loan".. the good ol' days may just be back, 2017 is looking up.

The Lemon Twigs - We're currently crushing on this old school, post-breakup Beatles-esque sound. Check out our favorite song "These Words" or any other to be instantly transported back to the 70's.

Bonobo - The first single in a while from this Dj/Producer "No Reason" released today, with the full album out tomorrow. "No Reason" is a collab with Nick Murphy.. that's Chet Faker's new alias. Chet Faker = Nick Murphy.. it's hard to keep up.

Check out the rest of what we'll be listening to in the Verb office for months to come.

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