4 weeks to longer, stronger hair

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It could be years of heat tools, highlights or even chlorine/salt water exposure (and beyond) that have caused damage. No matter the cause, these 8 changes to your routine will get you back to a glossy, strong, healthy mane in a matter of weeks.

Week 1

Cut your losses - Schedule a trim to get rid of dead ends. Also, who doesn't love the hairstylist chair therapy? Go ahead and vent about your ex, that's probably healthy for you too. 

Deep clean - Get rid of excess oil, product buildup and dead skin cells that weaken your hair follicles. Start fresh with a clarifying shampoo and swap conditioner for a hair mask once a week (may we suggest this one always and forever). 

Tweak your bathroom routine - Train your hair over the next few weeks not to need shampoo every day. It takes time for your scalp/natural oils to adjust to washing less, see if you can give it the full 4 weeks. In the meantime, dry shampoo will be your best friend. 

Week 2

Go on a break with your hot tools - Try to put heat on your hair only when necessary. Texture products, like Sea Spray, will be your bff so you can make styles last longer without the need to re-curl. 

Pay attention to your diet - Another reason to eat healthier...your hair! Daily servings of protein, aka hair's building block, will help growth along with adding biotin and iron. You can take both in the form of a supplement if you're v serious about your hair health, like we are.

Week 3

Treat yourself - During the next netflix night, put on a face mask and give yourself a scalp massage. It's said to promote blood circulation and hair growth, plus it feels great. Win-win.

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate - Set reminders on your phone, whatever it takes to drink more water (with the hope the habit will stick forever). Not only will this help hair grow by flushing out toxins faster but so many other benefits... because science

Week 4

Update your products - Get rid of products that are really old or things that contain harmful parabens or sulfates. Promise yourself to only buy products that are good for your hair.

Now, go out into the world and do some cool stuff with your beautiful hair!

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