Back to school hair guide

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We know that with the end of summer comes the long task of deciding how to do your hair that first day of school and the next 179 school days (not that we're counting or anything). So, since we obviously care about you and your important hair decisions we decided to do a little research and find some great youtube tutorials to kickstart your educational experience. 

And what says the end of summer better than the movie The Sandlot? If you answered nothing, then you are correct. So here's the looming "first day scaries" as told through Sandlot GIFs to introduce our Youtube selections.

When you realize the first day of school is almost here:

It's time for back to school shopping/hair cuts because your biggest fear is for this to happen on your first day: 

**"double loser" for you L7's who haven't seen the movie 

Finding that perfect outfit/hairstyle feels like it takes:

So we've gathered some youtube videos below so you can walk into school with more confidence than ever this year!

Here are 10 heatless hairstyles for those days you just can't:

For girls with short hair:

And another one because her hairstyle ideas are super cute and easy:

Now go forth with great hair (and an outfit just as coordinated as Wendy Peffercorn): 

And remember...when you want to complain about anything school related, here's what us working gals have to say to you:

Now get out there and enjoy your last few days of summer !

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