Best Products for Thick to Coarse Hair

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Best Products for Thick to Coarse Hair  


Managing thick hair doesn’t have to be a struggle. Different hair types and textures require different products. Specifically for thick to coarse hair, finding the right products that make your hair shiny and soft isn’t always easy. That’s why we gathered some of our favorite thick hair-friendly products just for you!  


What ingredients are best for thick hair?  

Thick and coarse hair can often be frizzy or appear “unruly” but that’s not necessarily the case! When hair is frizzy, it might mean that your hair requires hydration. Our Glossy Collection provides extra nourishing hydration and is perfect for thick to coarse hair.  

Our new and improved formulas for Glossy Shampoo and Glossy Conditioner are just what you need to give thick, coarse hair the high shine and moisture it needs! 

Powered by rosehip oil, squalane, peach oil and a shine-enhancing complex, our Glossy Shampoo and Conditioner are clinically proven to increase hair shine by 126%* and reduce frizz by 79%*. 


Rosehip oil is an oil full of essential fatty acids and antioxidants that improve hair health. Squalane helps smooth and soften hair while adding a healthy overall shine. Peach oil coats the hair with a natural shine and our shine-enhancing complex provides hair with long-lasting shine and smoothness.  


Which products help to soften thick, coarse hair?  

Our Glossy Collection is specifically designed for thick to coarse hair but many of our other products can also be used on this hair type!  

Let’s say you have thick, curly hair and are struggling to find products that give your hair extra hydration and curl retention. Our Curl Collection is great for you! Curl Shampoo and Curl Conditioner cleanse and detangle curly hair while providing hair with extra moisture and increasing curl elasticity. 

Powered by our proprietary SunflowerCurl™ Complex, castor oil and jojoba oil, our Curl Collection nourishes curly hair of all textures. Products like our Curl Cream are great for giving thick, dry, curly hair the extra hydration it needs to reinvigorate curls and increase hair definition.  


If your hair is thick but also dry and frizzy, our Hydrate Collection is a great option for you. Made for dry and frizzy hair, our Hydrate Shampoo and Conditioner are designed to reduce frizz and deeply hydrate the hair.  


Considering how different our hair types and textures are, we encourage you to try different Verb products to find the ones that are best for you and give your hair the shine it deserves!  


*proven results in a third-party testing lab when using Glossy Shampoo and Glossy Conditioner 

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