How to: halftime hair (Bey is bae)

Posted by Kayce Sebree on

Superbowl Sunday? We like to think of it as the day that you get to eat ALL the snacks, watch really expensive commercials, and worship queen B from the sidelines. Yes, there was a game yesterday, someone won something, but the real fame and glory to us was Beyonce.

We'll be practicing her amazing dance skills in the mirror for the next month but a quick way to get the Bey look... her Sasha Fierce hair brought to you by ALL the volume (& amazing curls). We may not be able to help you with looking that good in a leather bodysuit but Verb Volume Spray and Curl Cream can work wonders to bring out your inner hair goddess (another nickname we have for B).

Verb Products is Texas made and so is our lovely Queen B, we couldn't be more proud. 

Now go watch the Formation video on repeat... so many great hair inspiration moments. 



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