Fashion Week hair you can (actually) try this fall

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While we love to see the designs that come out during Fashion Week, we know it's more like appreciating modern art than something you would see on the street or a friend*.

*Caveat: if you live in NYC, with the model to normal person ratio high, you might actually see some of these things at your local cafe. 

So we may not be running out to buy any $1,000 shirts with holes (or honestly without holes still wouldn't) BUT we scoured the internet to find the hair trends that you can try this fall without people asking if you're okay. 

Here's whats in: It looks like it's time to embrace your textured/natural hair, to try fun/flirty romantic styles, work on your knot game, braids and bows are in, the low-pony is all the rage and if you're feelin yourself (or happen to be at a royal ball) some big hair accessories could be in your future... So without further ado, here are the styles we will actually be trying this fall!

Curls, Volume, Beach Waves, Natural, Texture

*crimped hair is making a come back, lucky for you we have an article on how to try the updated modern version of crimping

Fun, Flirty, Romantic Styles to Try

Think twists, fun with braids

Return of the Low Pony, Step-up the Knot Game

Hair Accessories Galore 

Use bows to accessorize those low-ponies, or headpieces for the next royal affair you attend

Hairstyles for when you're feelin a bit edgy

Our favorite bad hair day or "I woke up late" chic look for this fall

When in doubt, tuck your hair into whatever sweater/jacket combo you're wearing

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