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Here at Verb, we make only good stuff and that means formulas with all of the good ingredients minus the bad (no parabens, harmful sulfates or gluten). We know it’s important to include powerhouse ingredients like quinoa, green tea, argan and moringa oil that you might recognize from your #shelfies. Then, there are some lesser-known ingredients that pack a punch, like the amazing benefits of sunflower seed extract. We’ve tackled the task of explaining the benefits of sunflower seed extract before so now it’s time to get acquainted with the products that include this ingredient and why we've added it to so many of our formulas (including every Curl Collection product, launching in October).

explore the curl collection

explore the curl collection

formulated to hydrate,
protect and define waves,
curls and coils

Need a recap on why we love this ingredient? Sunflower seed extract is rich in nutrients, packed with vitamin E and antioxidants which all help keep your hair (and the rest of your body) strong and healthy. This key ingredient helps control frizz and conditions each strand thanks to its amazing hydrating benefits. Plus, sunflower seed extract is great for protecting against UV rays which can dry out or even fade color treated hair. Are you as sold as we are on adding sunflower seed extract to your hair care routine? Keep reading to see which sunflower seed extract infused essentials you should be adding to your shopping cart. 

1. Curl Cream

Curl Cream is a curl defining cream that provides memory and light hold to all types of textured hair. The lightweight formula activates curls, keeps them shapely and bouncy while controlling frizz for all-day softness.

Why sunflower seed extract is important: Curls need hydration, that part we all know but sometimes we forget that when we heat style or even step outside, we’re exposing the curls to UV damage which can dry out fragile curls. To keep your curls bouncy and hydrated all day long, Curl Cream has your (back) hair but not your back hair (ew)! 

Who it’s for: All curl types looking to weightlessly define and hydrate their curls. 

Looking for more curl friendly products?

curl hydration + definition

curl hydration + definition

moisturize, repair and
protect for touchably
soft, healthy curls

2. Ghost Dry Oil

Ghost Dry Oil is a lightweight vanishing oil that works to extend a blowout, condition ends, add shine and prevent damage from washing and styling.

Why sunflower seed extract is important: Because this product is intended for refreshing second-day hair, there’s a good chance you’ve already been exposed to the elements and your hair is in need of hydration. The sunflower seed extract in combination with moringa oil not only helps to condition but also refreshes with a layer of protection for your locks.

Who it’s for: All hair types (yes, we mean fine, thick, wavy, straight, coily, curly and kinky) looking to refresh their hair with a little dry conditioning. 

ghost dry oil

ghost dry oil

vanishing dry oil mist
designed to add shine, detangle
and smooth all hair types

3. Ghost Shampoo and Ghost Conditioner

Ghost Shampoo and Ghost Conditioner are the moringa oil infused shampoo and conditioner to give your hair a gentle cleanse and weightlessly condition to promote healthy, smooth, and shiny hair. 

Why sunflower seed extract is important: To keep your hair conditioned from the moment you step out of the shower, sunflower seed extract is used as an ingredient to keep your hair hydrated and UV ray protected. 

Who it’s for: All hair types, especially fine/thin hair looking for a light cleanse and gentle conditioning for weightless, shiny, smooth hair. 

Looking for more weightless hydration?

ghost collection

explore the
ghost collection

add shine, smooth and
protect for weightless, easy
styling in all hair types

4. Hydrating Shampoo and Hydrating Conditioner

Hydrating Shampoo and Hydrating Conditioner were the first products at Verb for good reason; they’re designed to gently cleanse and intensely moisturize all hair types while providing natural UV protection.

Why sunflower seed extract is important: The idea behind these products was to make sure your hair can stay as hydrated as possible 24/7, starting in the shower. The sunflower seed extract gives your hair a layer of UV protection, anticipating that you’ll need the hydration once you step out into the sun. 

Who it’s for: All hair types that struggle with their hair drying out frequently and need a boost of hydration starting in the shower. 

Want even more hydration?

hydrate collection

explore the
hydrate collection

designed tomoisturize,
repair and protect for for
hydrated, healthy hair

5. Reset Repairing Mask

Reset Repairing Mask is the second step in the Reset System. This restorative protein mask delivers intense hydration while nourishing hair from the inside out. Remember to follow with Reset Sealing Mist to lock in the superfood benefits of this mask.

Why sunflower seed extract is important: Of course we’d include this ingredient in this Repairing Mask! Sunflower seed extract can help repair your hair by depositing lots of nutrients. 

Who it’s for: Anyone who deals with product build-up, heat tools, color treatment and environmental damage (AKA – everybody!)

reset repairing mask

reset repairing mask

formulated to nourish,
hydrate and restore
damaged, overworked hair

6. Sea Spray and Sea Texture Cream

Sea Spray and Sea Texture Cream are stylers from the Sea Collection meant to create lightweight, beachy waves that don’t feel crunchy and add a bit of textured volume. 

Why sunflower seed extract is important: Because these are stylers, chances are this is the last layer of hair products you’ll be putting on before heading out. This means you’ll need to make sure your hair is properly protected, which is why we included this ingredient. This way we make sure that even though you’re adding salty ingredients, you won’t have to worry about your hair drying out after going out. 

Who it’s for: Fine, straight and wavy hair looking to add more body, waves and grit to their beach waves.

Want more products for 365 days of beach waves?

sea collection

explore the
sea collection

products made with natural
sea salt to amplify body for
soft, beachy waves

7. The Volume Collection

Last but certainly not least is the Volume Collection, consisting of a body boosting shampoo, conditioner and spray designed to gently cleanse hair, lightly condition and provide weightless lift and color protection. 

Why sunflower seed extract is important: You might be wondering why we would include this ingredient but the answer is quite simple. To make sure your color treated hair stays protected from possible brassiness or color fading. 

Who it’s for: Fine, straight or wavy hair people who struggle with losing volume especially in the scalp area. 

volume collection

explore the
volume collection

body-boosting products
amplify flat hair


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