Verb: What We're All About

We're Verb. Active not passive. We hail from Austin, Texas, the  "Live Music Capital of the World", and yes it's as great as you've heard. 

Affordable salon quality haircare is what we do and in our spare time we verb in our Verb. We're a team of photographers, video editors, product developers, taco lovers, marketing gurus, stylists, concert enthusiasts... the list goes on. 

We're dedicated to making salon quality products that are good for your hair and still affordable because we believe great hair is a luxury that everyone should be able to afford. Verb products are always $14 and paraben, sulfate and gluten free. 

This is our place to share what we love with you, from haircare to companies we crush on and everything in between in our active lifestyles. Feel free to email us or comment (we love making new friends) or follow us on social media for daily updates (@verbproducts). 

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