Easy Hair Care Routine for Wavy Hair

Wavy hair, it's a true blessing (hello #hairgoals) and a curse at the same time. Between keeping your hair clean, styling your waves, dealing with frizz and making sure they hold more than a couple of hours, wavy hair girls know the struggle. 


There are so many ways to care for wavy hair especially when it comes to styling: creams, mousse, gel, oils, etc...We wanted to keep it simple at Verb and made something to bring out your best waves with the Sea Collection. The sea collection was inspired from the success of the Verb Sea Spray - made to create the perfect beach waves without the crunch it quickly became a bestseller. The rest of the collection helps to enhance your natural wave, create soft texture + volume without the frizz. 
Who's it for?:
  • The sea shampoo & conditioner are the best option for wavy hair humans looking to add some volume and bring out their natural waves. 
  • The texturizing shampoo & conditioner are also a great option for those who tend to have more of an oily scalp as the natural sea salt will help give an extra cleansing boost
  • Anyone looking to get volume
  • A great option for someone looking to air-dry in the summer as well to help give your hair all over body


Some highlights from the collection :
  • Designed to add body, texture and enhance natural waves.
  • Like all verb products, the entire sea collection is free of harmful sulfates, parabens, gluten, it's also vegan, cruelty-free AND color safe!
  • Key ingredients include: 
    • Kelp – cleanses hair of excess oils + provides natural hydration
    • Natural Sea Salt – adds volume + effortless texture
    • Pro-vitamin B5 – moisturizes + smoothes dry hair + naturally thickens hair + adds body and hold while hydrating the scalp
    • Sea Water – protects hair from breakage + improves strand quality + restores minerals into damaged hair

Sea Shampoo & Conditioner:

First things first, let's get your hair clean! The Verb Sea Shampoo + Conditioner are designed to cleanse without completely stripping your hair of its natural oils. Like all shampoo and conditioners, start by lathering up your hair with the shampoo and rinse. Follow with the conditioner, letting it sit for 5 minutes, run a brush through to get rid of tangles and rinse.

Tips & tricks for post shower:

To keep waves intact, we suggest using a microfiber towel or a cotton t-shirt to dry your hair by crunching your hair upwards. This way you can rid of the excess water in your hair without pulling on your hair drying it with a regular towel. Once your hair is damp and not wet, you'll notice that your natural waves will already start to show. Here is an example from Naturally Curly:

Sea Spray:

For those that like to style their waves when their hair is wet, the Sea Spray is the one for you! You can spray this all over the hair although we recommend going from the hair around your ears to the ends. After that, scrunch your hair upwards from your ends. Do what feels right: scrunch and hold or scrunch quickly.

Sea Cream:

If you like a little more help from wet styling products, combine Sea Spray with Sea Cream! Just a dab of sea cream will do by emulsifying in your hands until the cream turns from white to transparent and crunch the ends of your hair. You'll instantly start to see your waves get more defined and once your hair dries, with a diffuser or air drying, it'll help define those waves.  

Sea Texture Spray:

Sea Texture Spray as one stylist called it is "if dry shampoo and hairspray had a baby" it's that perfect product to bring your flat waves back to life and add alll the beachy volume. Once your hair is dry, you might find that some waves have fallen off the wagon. This tends to happen when you sleep on it, put it up on a bun or ponytail, etc. To make sure your hair hold those beautiful waves, use the Sea Texture Spray to add a little grit to the style, especially around those fallen waves. Apply the Sea Texture Spray on the areas where you need hold the most and then...you guessed it, scrunch away! 

Styling touch up tips & tricks:

On days 2 and 3 (maybe 4 and 5, we don't judge!) you can retouch your waves by applying small amounts of the Sea Spray and Sea Texture Spray on the waves that have come loose to keep it looking fresh! We created the Mini Sea Texture Spray and Mini Sea Spray so you can always re-apply on the go!

And that's it! You're ready to show off your natural, wavy hair to the world. Got any other questions we didn't answer? DM us at @verbproducts on IG or Twitter and we'll be happy to help!

More of a visual learner? Watch Kayce, Verb content girl, show you how she styles with the Sea Collection. 


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