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Verb started out of a salon and we know that if it wasn't for our biggest and hardest working fans, stylists, Verb wouldn't be where we are today. This is our "Stylists We Love" series where we highlight some of the amazing stylists that work with Verb and all their hard work. So we caught up with freelance stylist and Verb Educator, Spenser, to learn a little more about his life as a stylist. 

Interview with Freelance Stylist and Verb Educator, Spenser, based out of Austin, Tx

Originally from the Fort Worth, Spenser spent a majority of his career training in that area of Texas and after a stint in Los Angeles, is now based in Austin, Tx. He trained in a salon but currently has private clients that he visits at their homes to cut and color. Spenser can do it all but he loves doing blondes and specializes in balayage (a french word meaning "to sweep"). When he's not styling hair or educating people about Verb you can find him at spin class or cycling around Austin. Fun fact, he once rode his bike 545 miles across California in 7 days! So now that we know he's all around amazing let's hear from him...

How did you become a stylist?

 As a little boy I used to always do my moms hair and had a natural talent and decided to become a stylist because I loved making woman feel beautiful! I've been a stylist for 8 years now. I got my start at cosmetology school Ogle and feel like I really grew my knowledge and learned how to be a stylist when I trained  at Frederic Fekkai in Dallas. 

What's your favorite thing about being a stylist? Favorite part about working for Verb?

I really love the social aspect and even more so now that I freelance... I get to spend 1-on-1 time with my clients, it's some true bonding time! What I love about working for  Verb is that it is truly a product I believe in, use myself and I get to work with people I respect*.

*We didn't pay him to say that, promise! 

What is your personal philosophy when it comes to styling?

I believe hair should always look effortless and natural. Your style should enhance your overall look, not distract or take away from it! That's why I really stick to hand painted coloring so that I can get detailed and make my clients look naturally beautiful. 

What's your daily hair routine?

I'm actually quite simple, it only takes me about 5 min!  I rarely shampoo my hair but I rinse with water daily. When I do shampoo, I love Verb Volume because it still keeps your hair so soft and weightless. After running a few sprits of Leave-In Mist and 2 pumps of Ghost Oil through my hair,  I rough dry. I then just take a dab of Sculpting Clay to push it all in place!

Tips for clients who want to get the best results?

Play! You have to play with product and experiment using them in different ways, that's the best way to learn what your hair wants to do. That's another reason I love Verb, because of the price point you really can afford to mix it up and play around with your style. 

Most interesting person you've had in your chair?

Working on reality shows was definitely the most interesting! Getting to see all the behind the scenes and learning what goes into a production like that is crazy. I mean you haven't lived until you've done a touch up on a woman after a glass of champs was thrown in her face! 

Any advice for new stylists?

Don't feel like you need to do it all! Focus on what you love and don't be afraid to try new things and once you find that "thing" work really hard to get great at that. Also, make sure you listen to your clients it's so important to understand their individual needs and concerns before you start styling. 

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