Welcome to the Verb Friends Affiliate Program!

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Welcome to the Verb Friends Affiliate Program! Our affiliate program allows us to connect with some of our most influential fans and stylists. Your honest, authentic reviews and recommendations will earn your followers discounts, help them choose the right products for their hair and earn you money in the bank. 

Now that you’ve been accepted into the Verb Friends program, you can log into your account here to see your custom link. Your custom link will give your followers 10% off their verbproducts.com order while you earn a commission of all sales made through your link.

As a welcome gift, you can use the one-time code HEYVERBFAM for 30% off your purchase to stock up on Verb!

Verb Friends are eligible for 20% commission, while licensed cosmetologists will earn 35% of each sale. Commission will be paid out bi-weekly via PayPal. 

Got more questions about how it works? Check out the FAQ!

Now that you’ve joined the Verb Friends program and you have your custom link set up, you can participate in our Sales Goals, Content Goals and Content Submissions that will be featured on the Verb Products Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, website and emails! Here’s all the ways in which you can collaborate with us: 

  • Sales Goals
  • Content Goals 
  • Instagram Stories Takeover
  • Offline Submission

The Verb Friends Sales Goals is a monthly sales goal you can choose to participate in. Each month, we’ll announce the Sales Goals and Content Goals right here, in the Verb Friends Instagram and in the Verb Friends Facebook Group so you don’t miss it! With the Sales Goals, you’ll have a chance to win extra commission on the featured product(s) of the month. 

The Sales Goals will be automatically applied through your account. Make sure you check out your progress by logging into your account here

The Verb Friends Content Goals is a monthly goal you can choose to participate in. Each month, we’ll announce the Sales Goals and Content Goals right here, in the Verb Friends Instagram and in the Verb Friends Facebook Group  so you don’t miss it!  For your content to be eligible, you must follow the guidelines*: 

  1. Tag @verbproducts in your post. 
  2. Make the focus of the picture your hair or the product(s) in this month’s goals. 
  3. Posts must be made from the public account you applied to the program with.
  4. Maximum of 3 other brand tags.
  5. Follow the Content Guidelines

*Please check the FAQs if you have any questions on the eligibility of your post.  

If you meet the month’s Content Goals, you’ll receive an email with the details on how to claim your prize. You’ll have a chance to win discounts, free products and exclusive products that will change each time. Your content will also be shared with the Social Media Team for first-dibs on a repost on @verbproducts Instagram account. 

This month’s prizes:

  • Tier 1: win 1 FREE product of your choice
  • Tier 2: win 2 FREE products of your choice
  • Tier 3: win 3 FREE products of your choice

We're currently doing IG Takeovers for Verb Friends on Tuesdays and Sundays. These takeovers will be an opportunity for you to show your unique skills as a content creator and talk about yourself as well as your Verb faves. You can choose from topics like Get Ready With Me, Get Unready With Me, Wash Day Hair Routine, Party Look Routine, Easy 10 minute look, etc... as well as a seasonal topic. We just ask that all content created feels and looks natural to your audience as well as Verb’s. 

  • Before you start creating the content, here a few important things to know: 
    • Please be aware that you may be asked to edit or add parts of your content for brand consistency.
    • Takeovers will be scheduled throughout the week depending on the content calendar the Social Media Team has planned out.We’ll reach out to you to coordinate a date and time once your content has been reviewed and approved.
    • Make sure you have all the products you’re going to need. Verb and hair care should be the focus of your video but we also love content that talks about self care, skincare, beauty, health and wellness. 
  • Takeover guidelines:
    • Introduce yourself and mention your Instagram handle. We'll make sure to tag you!
    • In order to give equal opportunities to all Verb Friends, please refrain from self-promoting your link. You’ll be tagged in the Instagram Stories so people can click and follow your account. 
    • Showcase Verb products “forward” facing. The brand name and name of the product should appear clear on camera.
    • Send any “swipe up” links you would like for us to include like youtube tutorials you used for inspiration (except for your Verb Friend link). 
    • Read and follow the Content Guidelines.
  • How to film and submit your content:
    • Your Instagram takeover should be kept to a maximum of 13 frames (15 seconds each). Any more than that will be asked to be edited. 
    • Record the content how it is most comfortable to you. However, we require that you send the content in 15 second or 30 second frames. 
    • Once you’ve saved each video, please add numbers depending on the order. 


The Offline Submissions is where you can submit any photos or videos for us to share on social media, ads, newsletters and the “Get The Look” section of our website. This content will be reviewed by our team and if it were to be selected, we will be reaching out with details on how we’d like to use it. Here’s the content we’re currently looking for:

  • Videos for Instagram Reel/TikTok Video
  • Videos for Instagram Video (1 minute)
  • Videos for IGTV (5 minutes maximum)
  • Photos for Instagram 
  • Photos for Ads/Newsletters

Please check the Content Guidelines before submitting your content.


 About my Verb Friends account

  • How does my custom link work? 

Every Verb Friend has a custom link that includes a random number attached to your account. This link gives anyone who uses it a 10% off their order excluding kits. Once someone clicks your link, they will be taken to verbproducts.com and the 10% off is automatically applied. Once they add any product to their cart, the discount will be applied. When they head over to Checkout, they will see the 10% off under “Discount”. Once they complete their order payment and the order is processed, you will receive commission from the final total sale.

  • How do I know if I’ve made a sale? 

You can keep track of all your sales by logging into your account here. 

  • How will I get paid? 

Commission will be paid to your PayPal account on the 1st and 16th of each month. Please make sure that you have the correct email address that is connected to your PayPal account in your Payment Settings in your account

  • What if I don’t have a PayPal account?

At the moment, this is the only payment option we offer. If you don’t have a PayPal account, we encourage you to create one! However, if you chose not to create an account, you will not be able to receive commission from sales made through your link. If you’re interested in joining the program with no commission, please email friends@verbproducts.com

  •  What is the difference between the two commission levels “Verb Friend” and “Verb Friend Stylist”? 

A Verb Friend is someone who is excited about sharing their love for Verb on social media and is interested in collaborating with us for content creation and goodies! A Verb Friend Stylist is a licensed cosmetologist and is looking to sell Verb products to their clients online. There are two commission levels: Verb Friends are eligible for 20% while licensed cosmetologists will earn 35% for their expertise.

  • What if I make a sale and it doesn’t show up? 

It takes a maximum of 2 business days for you to receive an email of your approved sale. If after this time you haven’t received an email or the sale still doesn’t show up on your account, please contact friends@verbproducts.com

  • How can I promote my link?

You can promote your link on your personal or professional social media channels, blog and/or website, using the Creatives in your affiliate platform. 

About Content Goals:

  • How do I participate in the Content Goals? 

To participate in the Content Goals, you must be following the Posting Rules:

  1. Posts must be made from accounts that are public
  2. Posts must be made and from the account that you entered the Verb Friends program with. 
  3. Post must tag @verbproducts.
  4. Maximum 3 brand tags per post. 
  5. Posts must not be made from accounts with no previous posts. 
  6. Follow the Content Guidelines
  • How do I get prizes?

Check your email! Prizes will be sent to the email you registered with. 

  • When should I expect prizes?

You will receive an email at the end of the month if you’ve earned a prize.

  • How many prizes can I earn in a month?

You will earn one prize per month, the highest tier you qualify for.

  • Can I get prizes on any other social platforms?

While we encourage you to share on other platforms like Tik Tok, we are only offering prizes for Instagram at the moment.

  • Are Instagram Stories included?

Instagram stories are not currently eligible for prizes. 

  • What if I didn't receive my prize?

Please contact friends@verbproducts.com if you have any troubles locating your prize. Always be sure to make sure your posts meet our posting guidelines and to check your spam and junk folders in case they were accidentally filtered! 

  • How do I ensure my post is valid?

Ensure you’re posting from a public Instagram account, tagging the correct brand handle (@verbproducts) and following the Post Guidelines above! 

Terms and Conditions

To be eligible for Content Goals, you must sign up as a Verb Friend on this page and follow the post rules above. Verb Products may update the Content Goals and/or Verb Friends program at any time.

Hairstylist FAQ:

Any questions about distributing Verb in your salon, merchandising, and samples, please contact your local Verb distributor. If you don’t know who distributes Verb in your area, please contact info@verbproducts.com with your zip code and they’ll be able to help you!

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