Tips + tricks for moisturizing different hair types

Well, it's happening and there is nothing we can do about it… that's right, winter is coming people.  With changing seasons comes changing daily beauty routines, and we must stay on top to prevent the dryness that can typically consume our souls. Luckily for you, Verb is here to save the day (or the next 4-5 months) with our top recommendations to keep hair luscious all season long. Including the focus on specific hair textures because we know everyone is different from head to toe.


Ahhh…the blessing (serious #hairgoals) and curse that comes with having curly hair, looking at you frizz. It can be a struggle year-round to tame those curls but we have some top recommendations that will keep your hair hydrated!


    • Conditioner will be your best friend for this chilly season. Our Leave-In Mist contains the almighty argan oil. This will moisturize your curls, tame your frizz, and prevent breakage.

      leave-in mist

      leave-in mist

      multitasking leave-in conditioner
      that moisturizes, detangles,
      nourishes and smoothes


    • Who doesn't love a mask?! Especially one that's going to ensure healthy hair! Our Hydrating Mask is perfect for a quick refresh and can be used a few times a week. Some key ingredients include: glycerine to naturally bind moisture and add softness. It also has babassu oil to help hydrate and nourish your hair.

    • If you're looking for a treat-yo-self type of night, throw this in your hair before a shower and put on a moisturizing face mask, self care to the max!

      hydrating mask

      hydrating mask

      restorative deep conditioning
      treatment designed to
      nourish all hair types

      Straight/Fine Hair

      Straight hair can have great texture however, the winter days can weigh that texture to the ground. With these lovely products you'll keep the hydration afloat and hair looking weightless!


        • Heavy shampoos and conditioners can create dullness and let's be real... we are trying to shine. A duo that is weightless and moisturizing is Verbs Ghost Shampoo + Conditioner. With three key ingredients: moringa seed oil, quinoa protein, and sunflower seed extract, this will leave your hair weightless, moisturized and shiny. 

          ghost collection

          explore the
          ghost collection

          add shine, smooth and
          protect for weightless, easy
          styling in all hair types

      • COMB

        • It's important that we keep hair detangled however, brushing can cause a lot of static build-up especially in the winter. To prevent breakage, use a wide-tooth comb and work from ends to roots. Heres one that'll get the job done.


        • To relieve the dryness, it's better to lessen those shower shampoos and work with the dry. Even though straight, fine hair may need daily washing, try a dry shampoo instead. This will also give texture and volume for those dull, dark evenings. Verb has both a light and dark version to properly match your hair.

          dry shampoo

          dry shampoo

          talc-free formulas
          designed to make your
          hair look and feel clean


Well, there ya have it, all of our insider tips and tricks on how to save your locks from the dry winter ahead! If you're looking to add some hydrating products into your hair care routine this winter, take a look at all of our must-haves for nourished, moisturized hair.
nourish + hydrate

nourish + hydrate

restore dry, damaged hair
with our curated selection of
nourishing hair care essentials