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Verb started out of a salon and we know that if it wasn't for our biggest and hardest working fans, stylists, we wouldn't be where we are today. This is our "Stylists We Love" series where we highlight some of the amazing stylists that work with Verb and all their hard work. 

Interview with our long-time Insta-crush, Madison.

We caught up with our long-time Insta-crush, Madison, to ask her a few questions about her journey as a stylist. Check out her awesome Instagram at @madhair_ it's easy to see why we developed an insta-crush on her work. When she's not changing peoples lives one hair appointment at a time, she's does her own hair photoshoots at home, watching Housewives on Bravo, or spending her days at Disneyland. Find out more about Madison below. 

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How would your best friend describe you?

My best friend would probably describe me as observant, curious, driven and a compulsive cleaner (: 

What made you want to be a stylist/how did you decide to become a stylist?

I have wanted to be a stylist since I was a toddler. I LOVED getting my hair done even at the age of 3. I credit my mom to giving me the confidence to become a stylist. There was never a time she did not support me. 

Whats your favorite thing about being a stylist?

My favorite thing about being a stylist is learning a new trick. When I conquer a new technique I am the happiest person in the world. 

What is your personal philosophy when it comes to styling?

My personal philosophy when it comes to styling is That I only do things that I am comfortable and confident in. I would rather give an amazing service that's a little different than the goal, then waste everyone's time with mediocre work. 

What is your daily hair routine?

My daily hair routine currently is new for me. I'm wearing my natural curl for the first time in years. I get up, rinse my hair in ice cold water then wrap my hair in a towel for 30 mins. When I'm ready to style I use leave in spray on my now damp hair to keep the frizz/poof contained. Leave in spray really does exactly what it says so that's all I need the whole day!

Tips for clients who want to get the best results? 

Tips for clients wanting the best results out of their hair appointment would be to ask a lot of questions and LISTEN to the answer you get from your stylist. If the makes no sense to you, ask until your blue in the face and you understand. We want to give you what you want, but if you "yes" us without knowing what your saying yes to, the service is usually off. Also let your stylist lead you. They know their skills and limits  and how they can make ur hair amazing. If you force them to be/do what someone else does it won't be what either of you want.

What are some things you wish you knew starting out as a stylist/Any advice for those looking to become a stylist?

Some advice I wish I had when I was starting out as a new stylist would be .. you will not get your questions answered from someone else. Get up and try that color, try that cut. Don't be afraid to mess up because you will a lot but that's the only way you'll truly learn. 

Who is the most interesting person you've styled?

The most interesting person I've ever styled was this older woman I had in beauty school. She had this amazing energy that made you want to be around her and she told the most outrageous stories. For example, she loved to drive fast and loved to race. So for fun she would drive around challenging people to races and she would win! This 70+ year old woman had so many speeding tickets it was amazing.  

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