How to reset your hair with a clarifying system

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Our newest Reset Collection is finally here - a 3-step system for all hair types looking to clarify the scalp, repair damage or overworked hair and get hair back to it's natural state. Want to learn more? Let's talk about resetting! Every now and then it's nice to hit the reset button and start over with our week, relationships, and even our hair. While we all have our tried and true hair products, it's important every 3-5 washes to be including a clarifying routine to get rid of product buildup, counteract hard water and repair environmental damage. 

Learn more about the 3-step system so you can throw on a face mask, meditate, go to soulcycle or your therapist... whatever it is that you do to reset and also get your hair back to looking its best! 

Step 1: Clarifying Shampoo


First up, clarify - You've probably heard of this step before! The Reset Clarifying Shampoo formulated with aloe vera, honey, and sea water is the first step to reset by deeply cleansing your hair. Clarifying shampoos are designed to remove product buildup, hard water impurities and other pollutants that are harder to remove. This shampoo will provide a powerful deep clean and gently preserve moisture and softness from root to end. The Reset Line is good for all hair types and, like all verb products, are color safe. Apply in the shower like you would your regular shampoo and use as frequently as every 3-5 washes. If you're an avid dry shampoo or texture spray user you may be more near the 3 washes or if you've got normal wear and tear then you may be more near the every 5 washes. side of things. 

Step 2: Repairing Mask

Now that you've clarified, it's time to repair! The Reset Repair Mask developed with aloe vera, honey, and sea water delivers hydration while strengthening the hair. Packed with proteins, this mask is essential to restoring long lasting moisture, softness and shine. After the clarifying shampoo, this step will help nourish your hair back to health. After clarifying, apply on wet hair and allow the mask to sit for 5-7 minutes, then rinse. Use as frequently as you're using your clarifying shampoo. Need extra protein? You can use this mask on it's own even if you don't clarify but you've gotta follow up with the Sealing Mist - read on to find out more! 

Step 3: Sealing Mist


After clarifying and repairing, its time to seal everything in! The Reset Sealing Mist locks in all the proteins supplied by the Repairing Mask and restores hair to its natural pH. This strengthening mist helps smooth the hair shaft and leave strands detangled, shiny, revived, and easy to style. Mist through towel-dry hair, comb and style as usual, using as frequent as every 3-5 washes like the rest of the Reset Line. The Reset Sealing Mist is super important to use after a protein mask so that you can seal in all the goodness into the hair strands! Didn't use the clarifying shampoo or repairing mask? You can use the Sealing Mist as gentle detangler anytime! 

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