5 times you need to use a clarifying shampoo

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Clarifying shampoos are an important step in every hair routine to help all hair types get rid of product build-up, mineral build-up from hard water and reset your hair back to its natural state. Not using a clarifying system? It's never too late to start. We know not everyone is familiar with the clarifying concept so we sat down with Verb Founding Member, Claire, to take us through the 5 times when she reaches for a clarifying shampoo in her routine.

reset clarifying shampoo

reset clarifying shampoo

designed to remove product
build-up for super shiny hair
and a balanced scalp


1. On my way to highlights. I color my hair about twice a year. It isn't a ton but it is enough to make sure that I am investing in long-lasting-sun-stroked-streaks of blonde. In the past couple of years, I have gotten into the habit of always clarifying before heading to the foils. I don't want anything between my hair and the bleach. There is no scientific evidence to support this and no animals were harmed in my experimenting but I do think it makes a difference for how bright my color turns out and how long it lasts before it starts to fade.

2. Going on 5 days of dirty hair. I very rarely go more than 3-4 days but when I do, there is so much dry shampoo and texture spray in my hair that a good clarifying shampoo is the only thing that will make my hair feel soft again. Sometimes I even do it twice for good measure. Layers of product is a styling nightmare so giving the scalp and hair a good reset, is always important. Don't hesitate to double up on the washing too if you want to make sure you are still getting the desired results. For example, I like to do a clarify + volume shampoo + volume conditioner combo and it works for me!

3. Test driving some not-so-clean product. As much as I would love to always use only good stuff, sometimes duty calls and we have to test some product off the drug-store shelf. Product build-up is the number one reason to use a good clarifying shampoo. It removes any nasty ingredients that might have attached to the hair and wipes the slate clean. Think of it as a really good facial cleanser.

4. It ain't working. We do a lot of product testing in this office and we cannot stress enough that you can't judge a formula if you are asking it to compete with whatever else is on your head. Whenever I really-really want to give something a fair shot, it requires detoxing the hair to make sure it isn't interacting with anything else. A great example of this is our Volume Spray. It is one of my most beloved products in our line but very commonly misunderstood for not doing anything. One- use more!! Two- lightweight products have a hard time fighting other product. Use a good clarifying shampoo every once in a while, so it doesn't have to.

5. Hotel hard h20. I am really lucky that this is only an issue for me when I am traveling but hard water can be a big pest when it comes to protecting and styling your hair. I try to get away with not washing my hair while I am traveling but sometimes you just can't avoid it. Clarifying will help remove any mineral build-up. Another shout out here for chlorine as we go into summer (hi to my 8 year-old-self with green hair). Here's my pro tip to ensure that my hair stays healthy while on the road: apply a leave-in conditioner before you get in the water (we love our Leave-In Mist) + a clarifying shampoo after. 

leave-in mist

leave-in mist

multitasking leave-in conditioner
that moisturizes, detangles,
nourishes and smoothes

Are you ready to start clarifying like Claire (pun intended)? Shop the Reset Collection, and jumpstart your journey to a clean, well-balanced scalp and healthy, happy hair. 

explore the<br/>reset collection

explore the
reset collection

designed to clarify, repair
and restore all hair types

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