Why should you use a clarifying shampoo?

Ready, Reset, Go! Our *new* Reset Collection is here to clarify + repair + smooth all hair types. The verb 3-step clarifying system has made it's arrival and we can't wait for y'all to try them.

You may be an avid clarifying shampoo user or maybe for some this is the first time hearing the term. So before you get to know our new Reset Collection let's talk about clarifying... what it means and why it's important for your hair care routine. At first mention you might feel overwhelmed that you need to add another thing into your routine but we promise it's important. 

Here are the reasons why you should be using a clarifying shampoo every now and then (like every 3-5 washes): 

Product buildup

Use dry shampoo every day? No? Just us? Beyond that once you factor in oils to help smooth, texture spray to add volume and hairspray for hold... it's easy to have weighed down hair. Product buildup is inevitable and when it mixes with dirt and oil makes your hair greasy, damaged, and limp. Whether you use one hair product or ten, every once in a while, you need a shampoo that is more intense than your regular go-to. Clarifying shampoo provides a deeper cleanse since it targets the scalp and works from roots to ends. Because it is so intense, it’s recommended use is every 3 to 5 washes. This will also depend on how much product you use on a daily basis and how often you wash your hair. Think of this step as a deep cleanse (you know... the difference between when you clean your house or when you hire someone to do it?!). 

An added benefit of using clarifying shampoo is that it resets your scalp by washing away buildup and helps to prime your hair strands for product application. Clarifying shampoo helps to improve the efficiency of your products since the hair has been deeply cleansed, making products attach to the hair better.

Environmental Damage

Hard water and chlorine are extremely damaging to your hair. Water systems vary city by city which means it's likely you could be washing your hair with "hard water". Hard water has more minerals deposits in the water, don't worry it's not bad for you but it does weigh down your hair over time. A clarifying shampoo helps to remove mineral deposits that are left in hair from hard water along with chlorine and other harmful chemicals that stick around in hair.

We're exposed to so many things each day and there are many other environmental factors that are damaging to the hair like pollution, smoke, and the sun. Our hair is highly susceptible to air pollution damage. Pollution such as smoke, dust, and dirt can cause scalp irritation, breakage, and dryness. When hair is exposed to the sun, rays can damage your hair cuticle. Sun damage to hair occurs frequently and can cause discoloration, dry hair, split ends, thinning and frizziness.


Whether you’re heat styling your hair, color treating, brushing, or simply sleeping on it, hair breakage is inevitable. We all know what heat and color damage are the biggest offenders when it comes to breakage and constantly using heat tools and hair dyes will speed up the process. But what about other contributors to breakage? As hard as it is to believe, brushing and sleeping on your hair also contribute daily to breakage. Although clarifying won't stop the breakage, it can prevent future breakage! Plus, we've created a whole system to target just that.

Whether you've never heard of clarifying or you're an avid clarifying shampoo user now you're a little more in the know of why it makes your hair feel so great! Resetting your hair will be essential to keeping a healthy mane from root to end. That's why we've designed a 3-step clarifying system that restores your hair back to its natural state and provides the necessary follow up products to ensure your hair is its healthiest! 

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