Meet Purple Mask: a word from the pros

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Meet Purple Mask, our new purple superhero. This mask tones, brightens and hydrates which makes it way better than any purple shampoo you’ve tried. Although all of our products are color-safe, we wanted to provide a solution for all our blonde, grey and silver-haired folks who struggle with brassy, yellow undertones. We’ve created a formula that nourishes the hair while keeping your color fresh. 

purple hair mask

purple hair mask

formulated to hydrate, soften
and reduce brassiness in blonde,
grey and silver hair tones


So how does it work? We caught up with some of our fav stylists so they could give you the skinny on all things purple.

Why use Purple Mask?

Most people with color-treated hair know that purple shampoo helps with toning but anyone who has actually used one knows that they also tend to dry out hair that may already be brittle from the dying process. After a color treatment, your hair desperately needs moisture which is why we’ve formulated Purple Mask to add hydration instead of removing it like purple shampoos.

Basically, Purple Mask has all the same toning benefits of purple shampoo to help keep color-treated hair light and bright but it adds moisture rather than stripping it. As an added bonus, Purple Mask also adds softness using nourishing ingredients such as provitamin-B5 and açaí extract.

How does Purple Mask work?

Purple Mask is formulated with violet hues which work to neutralize brassy, yellow shades that often cause issues in color-treated hair. This works because of basic color theory which tells us that colors on opposing sides of the color wheel cancel each other out. Purple Mask works by placing a small amount of violet pigment in your hair (don’t worry, it won’t turn your hair purple) which counteracts warm, brassy tones. The end result is cooler, brighter hair for those with blonde, silver, platinum or other light hair colors.

How long do you leave Purple Mask in?

It’s best to use Purple Mask after shampooing (we recommend our Hydrating Shampoo for extra moisture), although the time you leave it on will vary depending on how much warmth your hair has. In general, you’ll want to leave it on for at least five minutes but if your hair has more warmth, you should leave it on for closer to seven for maximum efficacy.

Will Purple Mask turn my hair purple?

In short, no — Purple Mask will not turn your hair purple. While Purple Mask uses violet pigment, this pigment stays on the outside of the cuticle so as not to permanently change the color of your hair. If the mask is left on your hair for an extended period of time, you may notice a slight lavender tint but you can easily fix this by simply washing your hair with shampoo.

What makes Verb's Purple Mask different from purple shampoo?

Purple shampoos are notoriously high in alkalinity which opens the hair cuticle and dries out your strands. By comparison, Purple Mask is lower in PH and is more acidic which closes the cuticle, adds moisture and makes your hair softer while neutralizing brassy tones. It has all the same toning benefits of a purple shampoo but also gives your hair much-needed hydration and softness.

Keep your hair light and bright

Block out brassy tones without overdrying your hair by using Purple Mask instead of a purple shampoo. Purple Mask is great for people with blonde, silver, or platinum hair because it adds hydration while enhancing color, but for an added boost try our Purple ShampooHave more questions about Purple Mask or color-treated hair care? DM us on Instagram @verbproducts and we’ll answer all your hair care concerns.

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