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Many of us have thought about the dress, the man/woman and the color scheme but what about the big day's hairstyle? Choosing a bridal look is a big decision with so.many.options. There’s every day casual, fancy updos, braids, boho, modern, classic, to flower crown or not....and so many more. We did a little instagram digging and asked around the office to find some of our favorite bridal hairstyles for 2019. Our guide to 2019’s trendiest bridal hairstyles will hopefully spark some inspiration and help you check one more task off the wedding checklist.

Braided Twists


Some brides find a way to relax and let loose on their wedding day, and we admire them. However, most of us will spend our big day running from family members to photo ops, which totally calls for an updo. Take inspo from your favorite low bun and spice it up with braided twists that wrap into a bun/halo combo. Stray pieces will naturally fall out and add to the messy but cute look.

Second day hair will help your locks hold this ‘do, but if you need a fresh wash, use Sea Shampoo and Conditioner to add some salty texture to ensure your style stays in place all day.


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Natural Waves


We love letting our hair do its thing, but special occasions call for a little extra styling. If you normally leave your hair down and loose, emphasize its natural texture with a little product to keep it looking great as you dance the night away. Something like Ghost Hairspray will keep your style looking effortless yet in tact while you bust a move with your partner on the dance floor. 

Feeling a little more boho? Sea Spray adds a beachy vibe to your no heat hair and pairs well with floral accessories. 

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Loose Fishtail


Summer is hot (yes most obvious statement ever) and having your hair pulled back so everyone can appreciate the dre$$$ gets this look on our list. Pulling big pieces from each section almost makes this look like a completely new type of braid. To make this the fluffiest braid ever, spray each section with Volume Dry Texture Spray before braiding and give each section a tug after you’ve secured. Finish with Ghost Hairspray to tame flyaways and keep your loose hairdo from coming undone.  


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Side Swept


Going for more of a classic bridal look? We love this option because it takes the every day beach waves and makes them a little bit more fancy! And as a bride, you deserve to wear as much bling as possible. What better way to show it off than with a simple side swept style? Pinning one side back and letting the other fall forward is also great for an indecisive bride that wants the best of both worlds.

Don’t let frizzy hair take the spotlight away from your gorgeous diamond barrettes. Use Ghost Oil to slick back the side you’re pinning and tame baby hairs on the side you’re leaving down.

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3 Part Pony


For all the brides who have dreamed of looking like a dreamy princess this one's for you. After sectioning your hair into a classic half up half down, add two extra hair ties half way and three quarters down your ponytail. These bouncy hair bubbles are the perfect spot to place a floral clip.

This hairstyle calls for mega volume and body. If your hair tends to fall flat, pump it up with Volume Shampoo and Conditioner. Style each piece with Volume Dry Texture Spray for tons of Dry Volume and you're good to get hitched!


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Rosey Twists


So this one might be more of an option if you've got a dedicated hairstylist but in 2019 it looks like your floral arrangement isn’t just for your bouquet. So while we won't pretend to know how to twist your locks into this style - we do know it'll take some Strong Hairspray and lots of bobby pins.  

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Old Hollywood Waves


Vintage bridal but make it modern! One easy way to lock these flat waves in place is by forming hair into your preferred shape and applying heat with a flat iron section by section. This style will definitely make you feel like a red carpet movie star. Much like the other hairstyles on your wedding day we recommend using something with a lot of hold to keep the style from family photos to cocktails - Strong Hairspray will keep your waves from falling and losing their shape.

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Still not sure which way to go? Healthy hair is always the answer so before the big day we'd recommend to use the Hydrating Collection, minimize heat styling days and take your Nutrafol! 

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Want more hairstyle ideas? Check us out on Instagram @verbproducts and slide into our DMs for all the hair tips! 

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