Summer hair trends based on your hair type

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Summertime finally looks like it’s here to stay, which means beach days, vacations, and tons of free time to try out all the new hair trends of 2019. Since not all styles work with every natural girl’s hair, we broke down our favorite looks for every hair type. 

Straight Hair 

Ponytails are the #1 effortless summer style. Pulling them low and slicking back the top keeps hair out of your face in the hot weather while a high ponytail keeps it out of your face and your neck! There’s nothing we love better than going back to the basics. 

Ghost Oil helps your straight locks stay that way in the humidity and Forming Fiber keeps all your baby hairs in place with a sleek and shiny finish. 

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Curly Hair 

The best time to play around with natural texture and no heat styles is when it’s 95 degrees out. This summer is all about amping up your crazy curls and wild texture and embracing your #wokeuplikethis hair. 


Keep those curls bouncy with the Verb Curl Cream by applying a dime sized amount on damp hair or revive day 2-3 curls that have gone limp. 

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Wavy Hair 

Tousled and textured hair is the perfect style for a wavy haired girl. Play into your natural waves by taking note from the sand and sea. Beach days will forever give us our ultimate hair inspo. 

Sea Shampoo and Conditioner gives you that breezy ocean vibe even on days there were no beaches in sight. Use Volume Dry Texture Spray to keep the texture alive and playful on no-wash hair days. 

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Short Hair 

We’ll never stop loving our long, flowing, locks, but the summer heat makes us want to chop it all off. Short, blunt bobs will keep you looking and feeling super cool come August. 

If your ends tend to curl up, don’t forget to run Ghost Prep through your hair to protect it before any heat styling. Keep those ends smooth and shiny with Ghost Oil or apply Ghost Dry Oil to extend a blowout!

Long Hair 

Braids for days, especially days when you need to put your hair up and out of the way. Fishtail braids emphasize the length of your hair and take you a step out of your daily hair routine. A full fishtail shows off your braiding skills, but it’s also fun to hide tiny ones throughout!

Fishtails may look complicated but are totally a style anyone can achieve. Once you get them down, Ghost Dry Oil Disco Edition makes your super fancy braids pop out even more. 

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Thick Hair 

When plain hair ties just aren’t doing it for you anymore, it’s time to move on to hair scarves. With so many patterns and colors to choose from, you’ll never get bored of putting your hair up again. 

Don’t let dry, damaged hair take the spotlight away from your cute hair accessories. Leave-In Mist hydrates and repairs so your tresses and ties can mingle together, tangle free. 

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Thin Hair 

Summertime makes us want to play around with our style, which can be hard to do with thinner hair. A deep side part that flips over shows off the volume you do have and lets you switch up your look. 

Dry Shampoo will stop the underside of your hair from looking too greasy for a hair flip moment. Ghost Hairspray holds your part in place without weighing it down.  

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