8 easy ways to keep your hair healthy

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Great hair isn't just what your momma gave you, you've got to develop great habits too. It takes a few simple changes to your daily routine to really take your locks to the next level. Whether you're looking for shine, strength, or growth, these 8 tips can be added to anyone's daily ritual to make your hair look and feel truly healthy.

1. Use a hair mask weekly - Verb Hydrating Mask, $20, is a weightless conditioning treatment designed to nourish and soften all hair types. When used weekly it restores color-treated, over-styled hair and adds shine and softness. Glycerin naturally binds moisture to the hair for added softness and babaso oil helps to hydrate and nourish the hair. 

2. Cut down on suds - Each time you shampoo you are stripping your scalp of natural oils, which can lead to dry strands. Prevent hair that breaks easily by skipping washes. Verb Dry Shampoo, $20,  is a great way to use natural tapioca starch to soak up excess oil and keep hair looking clean. 

3. Rinse with cool water (when you suds) - We know this might not be the most relaxing way to end your shower but your hair will thank you. Some cool H2O on your strands will close the cuticle, lock in moisture and (unlike hot water) will not strip the natural oils you need for healthy hair. Plus, we've heard cold showers have multiple other benefits as well. 

4. Keep locks moisturized - It's been drilled into our routine that we need a morning/night dose of moisturizer for our skin, so why would the same not be true for our hair? Verb Leave-In Mist helps to detangle (prevent breakage while brushing) and add weightless moisture back into the hair throughout the day.

5. Change the way you brush - It's important to understand that your wet hair breaks much easier. Opt for a brush with flexible bristles, like Verb's detangling brush, to help prevent breakage. It's also important not to brush your hair too often!

6. Skip heat styling days - We know how great a straightener or styling wand can make your hair look but it's important to give your locks a break from the heat. Choose a day or two each week to skip using a styling tool. Look up how to do cool braids on pinterest and relish in the extra minutes you have in the morning when you don't have to curl your hair.

7. Splurge on a silk pillowcase - Ditch the traditional cotton pillowcase that can cause hair damage and opt for silky smoothness. The silk has a much smoother surface to prevent against breakage and split ends while you're sleeping. Also, it helps with skin anti-aging and it feels amazing... why not?! (Here's our favorite).

8. Visit your salon for regular trims - Visiting your stylist every 8 to 10 weeks to trim your ends will do wonders for making your hair look healthier. Regularly cutting your split ends will  ensure that they do not work their way up your hair strands and cause more breakage. To find a salon that carries Verb near you, check out our salon locator


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