What are parabens + sulfates? Why we're nixing them

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Below are some of the reasons we've decided to make sure that everything in the hair care line is free of parabens and harmful sulfates (among other -free things).

It’s most likely been a common thing in your routine for a while to pick up something you’re buying for dinner and mull over the ingredient list. The ingredient-conscious consumer has existed in the food realm since the hippy movement began (or the beginning of Whole Foods). It seems now the beauty industry has started taking notice of their consumers carefully reading ingredient lists on everything from mascara to shampoo. There are tons of labels now marketed as “paraben-free” or “free of harmful sulfates”. So now thanks to the major campaigns against these types of ingredients, we know that they are “harmful”... but do we really know why they're harmful (and harmful in what way)? Is it passing fad or are these things something we should take more seriously?

So what are parabens and sulfates? Why are they used so frequently in products?

Parabens are the most frequently used chemical in personal care products to preserve them from growing fungus, bacteria or microbes. Sulfates are the chemicals in a product that cleanse and causes the great lathering experience used in body washes, shampoo, toothpaste etc.

We hear you… “but I love the feeling of my shampoo lathering” “I don’t want bacteria in my products, parabens don’t seem so bad!”

What kind of harm are we talking about? Well, there are many studies that have shown that parabens have a slight ability to mimic estrogen which can cause problems in the body’s cells and parabens have even been found in breast cancer tumors. Sulfates have been linked in studies to leave residue in the heart, lungs and even the brain. While there haven’t been any conclusive studies that link these chemicals to cancer, there are researchers that feel there should be cause for concern. 

The conversation will continue to expand as more research is done on the possible causes of breast cancer and other harmful effects... so while no conclusive evidence has been found yet we decided to kick these chemicals to the curb and opt for the more natural route. If you can find alternatives then why lather yourself with chemicals? It can be as easy as picking a Verb Shampoo and Conditioner and throwing away those drug store alternatives. 

products made with only good stuff

products made with
only good stuff

free of parabens, gluten and
harmful sulfates — always

Beyond potentially causing internal problems, sulfates are also bad for your hair (something we definitely don’t want!). Sulfates can irritate your scalp, fade your color, dry your hair out and in some cases aid in hair loss. While sulfates are the cleansing agent that helps to rid your hair of build-up, make sure to look for products that have alternatives. 

BAD NEWS: These ingredients are really common and could potentially cause you harm however GOOD NEWS: there are natural alternatives to these chemicals that companies can start using now that consumers are demanding it. Verb Shampoos still lather and don't grow bacteria because we’ve made it a goal to use a natural alternative to these chemicals in all our products.



whether you want body,
hydration, texture, or a
mild cleanser, we’ve got
a shampoo for you

We love the lathering process, feeling like your hair is getting clean in the shower is important to us so we decided to use sodium lauryl sulfoacetate (SLSA) as an alternative. 

SLSA is a natural cleanser, derived from coconut and palm oils, that dissolves quicker in water, rinses faster and is much more mild on your hair, eliminating any harmful effects from the harsh cheap sulfate chemical. 

We know all this scientific lingo can get confusing so that’s why we decided to make the simple decision to take parabens and harmful sulfates out of Verb products. 

hair care made easy

hair care made easy

Salon-quality hair care
without the cost.

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