5 hair hacks for your curls

Follow these 5 tips to go from this:

to this:

Those who have curly hair know that the struggle is definitely real. Curly hair can predict the weather before you can, will be frizzy and wild when you want it to be smooth and bouncy, and when you’re craving a little dimension, will simply say “nah”. We know how it is, and we feel your pain. It’s just common knowledge that curly hair needs special care. shop the curl hydration + definition collection

Here are some simple tips for improving and maintaining curly locks of all shapes and sizes:  

Less is more

Since curls tend to be coarse, brittle and dry, over-washing and over-styling will only encourage their bad behavior. We recommend trying to keep your hair washing to a minimum and avoid heat whenever possible. Verb Hydrating Shampoo and Hydrating Conditioner gently cleanses hair, replenishes moisture, preserves color and protects against heat styling.

Try co-washing 

Co-washing, also known as conditioner-only washing, is a new trend where skipping shampoo (that dries out hair) is meant to help hair retain moisture while improving texture and manageability. The results will be somewhere in the middle of just-out-of-the-salon hair and second day hair. Try Verb’s Hydrating Conditioner with hydrolyzed quinoa to repair damage and meadowfoam that helps lock in moisture. 

Style Wet

Don't reach for your towel quite yet, instead try applying styling products to your hair before you dry. Applying product to completely wet hair can help tame frizz and keep away any stiff or sticky-ness that may occur. Start with applying your favorite leave-in conditioner, Verb’s Leave-In Mist is great for adding moisture and detangling, and then apply a small amount of Verb Curl Cream (mixing them together works great too). Use your fingers to rake product through your hair and then scrunch and squeeze your curls upwards. 

Plop it 

Use a t-shirt vs a towel to dry your hair, our favorite is (you guessed it) this super soft Verb shirt. Towels tend to absorb moisture (which ringleted women desperately need), and cause frizz by ruffling the hair cuticle. “Plopping” sounds like a gross term, but it actually is just a way of wrapping up your locks in a shirt and letting them dry for 10-20 minutes. Then flip your hair over a t-shirt, tie the sleeves around the back of your head so that your hair is sitting on top of your head, and voila! You’ve just plopped. 

Stay hydrated 

If curly hair could drink water, it should stick to the 8-cup per day regimen. Because that’s not scientifically possible, it’s important to hydrate your hair throughout the day with products that retain moisture and have restorative properties to smooth brittle and coarse coils. Verb Leave-In Mist does just that, and more! Leave-In Mist is specially formulated with bamboo extract that acts as a barrier on the hair shaft to lock in moisture (for the visual learners: think bamboo shoot filled with water covering your hair). We also suggest using the Verb Hydrating Mask once a week as a deep conditioning treatment. Already a fan of our Leave-In Mist and Hydrating Mask? Check out the rest of the Hydrate Collection  you won't be sorry!shop verb hydrate collection

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