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Verb started out of a salon and we know that if it wasn't for our biggest and hardest working fans, stylists, that Verb wouldn't be where we are today. Today we are highlighting one of the amazing salons that carry Verb.

Interview with Jeff, stylist + partner, from Salon Funky Toque in Montreal.

We caught up with one of the salon partners, Jeff, to talk about his experience as a stylist of 20+ years and his 11+ years of experience at Funky Toque.  Jeff's partners are Lyette and Patricia and together they run the salon and consider themselves one of the best in Montreal for over 20 years. They want you to know that Funky Toque is "welcoming, funky, cool and always following the trends"... keep reading to find out more.


How long have you been a stylist/how did you get started?

I am a hairstylist with 20 years experience and I started in Paris, France in a private school by the name of Marcel Lamy international school.  I studied there for 3 years and acquired 2 diplomas Cap( certificate d'aptitude professionnel) and BP (brevet professionnel)

What's your personal philosophy as a stylist?

My personal philosophy is very cliché but true. "Never give up". Always be attentive to your clients and give them the best service possible with an unforgettable experience.

What do you love about running a salon?

I love to see my staff grow and be part of their evolution by giving them advice, education, sharing thoughts and having discussions about it.  I think communication is the key to success today.  Without it you cannot accomplish your goals.  Building projects for the salon is exciting and very motivating for the team.

How would you describe the brand and look of Funky Toque?

I would describe the salon as a modern loft where everyone feels at home in their living room, which in return makes the clients feel the same way.  The Funky Toque brand wants to make sure that everyone can identify with our professionalism and our approachable attitude.

When you're not busy at the salon what are you doing?

In my free time,  I try to focus on my goals. Which are satisfaction, closeness with my team and to listen to their needs. To always move forward with new ideas.

Why do you carry Verb at Funky Toque? What's your personal favorite product?

I carry Verb because it is a different line. It's simple, vegan (almost all the products) and has very competitive pricing. Finally there's a company who understands that you need to have prices under 20$ to compete against those cheap pharmacy products. 
My absolute favorite products from Verb are the Volume Spray, Ghost Hairspray and the Curl Cream!

What's the best advice you have for us "non-stylists" ?

Best advice is to trust your hairstylist and you have to own your haircut. 

Any interesting customers or stylist stories that come to mind?

One funny story was when I started 11 years ago at Funky toque and this huge client came in for a haircut, very chill and easy going.  I did his consultation and got started on his haircut and asked what he did for a living.  He told me he played hockey, I asked how he made an income playing hockey, that is when he told me he played for the Montreal Canadiens. I realized "wow this is a star" but you could never tell by his humble attitude. 

To find out more about the salon, take a look at their styles on insta or visit their site

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