The best verb hair masks for damaged, dry, fine & other hair

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With so many hair masks out there, it's hard to decide which one is the right for you. The answer varies, as the best hair mask for damaged hair differs from the best hair mask for color treated hair and so on. At Verb, we have four hair treatment masks formulated to target specific hair concerns, so which Verb hair mask is best for you?

To help you find the best Verb hair mask for your unique needs, we’ll break down the details of each hair mask including who they’re for, what they’re made from and how they help your hair along with bonus hair care tips when using each.

What is a hair mask and what does it do?

A hair mask is a deep conditioning treatment meant to be used every other wash or once a month to help protect, nourish and strengthen hair that may have been damaged from UV rays, heat styling, color treatment or other factors. To apply a hair mask, simply work the formula through damp hair and let it sit for five to seven minutes before rinsing out. Even using a hair mask for five minutes once a month can help strengthen and nourish hair, leaving you with soft, silky strands that are more protected from the elements.


treatment masks

treatment masks

deep conditioners to smooth,
nourish and hydrate your hair

Best hair mask for dry, thick or coarse hair

Hydrating Mask | restore + repair + manage

  • Rich, restorative deep conditioning treatment
  • Key Ingredients:
    • Babassu oil – hydrates + nourishes
    • Glycerin – naturally binds moisture to hair
  • Especially good for: thick, coarse hair that is dry, brittle or anybody that has extreme damage from color or heat styling
  • Main target: An intense boost of hydration to restore silky, smooth strands
  • Bonus tip: For extra hydration, leave Hydrating Mask in overnight and rinse in the morning.
    hydrating mask

    hydrating mask

    restorative deep conditioning
    treatment designed to
    nourish all hair types

Best hair mask for fine, thin or flat hair

Ghost Mask | soften + restore + deep condition

    • Lightweight conditioning hair treatment 
    • Key Ingredients:
      • Moringa seed oil –moisturizes, detangles + smooths
      • Glycerin – naturally binds moisture to hair
    • Especially good for: fine, thin, or oily hair that is easily weighed down hair or those who wash and condition more often
    • Main target: Weightless hydration for those with fine, thin or flat hair to create shine, defrizz and soften strands
    • Bonus tip: Skip the conditioner and use Ghost Mask when you want more hydration than usual!
ghost mask

ghost mask

formulated to nourish
and hydrate without
weighing your hair down

Best hair mask for damaged hair

Reset Repairing Mask | soften + nourish + strengthen + restore

  • Restorative protein hair mask to repair and strengthen damaged hair
  • Key Ingredients:
    • Argan oil – enhances elasticity and adds shine
    • Quinoa protein – strengthens hair and helps prevent future breakage
    • Green tea extract – helps prevent free radical damage and protects the scalp and hair from environmental stress
  • Especially good for: anyone that has damage from heat tools, product build-up, or excessive sun exposure
  • Main target: Deliver a boost of hydration while nourishing hair to repair and strengthen strands
  • Bonus tip: After using the Reset Repairing Mask, make sure to follow up with the Reset Sealing Mist to lock in the benefits of this mask.
explore the<br/>reset collection

explore the
reset collection

designed to clarify, repair
and restore all hair types

Best hair mask for color treated blonde, grey, and silver hair

Purple Mask | tone + brighten + hydrate

  • Reviving purple hair mask to brighten, soften, and reduce brassiness
  • Key Ingredients:
    • Pro-vitamin B5 – hydrates, smoothes, and adds vibrancy to dull strands
    • Violet pigment – no it doesn’t turn your hair purple, violet pigment cancels out yellow, brassy tones that cause discoloration in color treated hair
    • Açaí extract – moisturizes and protects fragile strands following a color treatment
  • Especially good for: color treated blonde, grey, and silver hair
  • Main target: Brighten and tone strands to make hair color last longer and deliver much-needed moisture to color treated hair
  • Bonus tip: Follow up Purple Mask with one or two pumps of Ghost Oil after rinsing to lock in moisture and prep for styling

purple hair mask

purple hair mask

formulated to hydrate, soften
and reduce brassiness in blonde,
grey and silver hair tones

Which Verb hair mask is best for you?

Hopefully by now you're a little more sure of which Verb mask would be best for your hair type, although don't worry, you honestly can't go wrong. We’ve got a little something for everyone, whether you need a hair mask for damaged hair or simply want to give your hair a boost of nourishment once a month for soft, silky strands.

Got a question about hair masks that we didn't answer? Feel free to DM us on social @verbproducts and ask away!

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