How to fix dry ends on all hair types

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Trying out new cuts, colors and styles is one of our favorite pastimes, but sometimes we go a little overboard and end up doing more harm than good. It’s easier than you’d think to damage your hair, which is why we love giving our strands some TLC. Whether you want to go the product or DIY route, we’ve got you covered on how to nourish dry ends. 

Fine Hair

Just because your hair is fine doesn’t mean you should be afraid of product. If you need some moisture back but are worried about too much product build-up, light oils are for you! 

Ghost Oil is weightless hydration that won’t feel heavy in your light locks. Run a pump or two through your ends to refresh dryness with an instant sleek finish. 

ghost oil

ghost oil

formulated with moringa
oil for soft, frizz-free hair
from roots to ends

Thick Hair

Forever jealous of all the thick haired ladies that can put literally anything in their hair with no consequences. Skip the store this time; a DIY hair mask is your go-to. 

Two words: coconut oil! Mix up your favorite with a little bit of honey for a super nourishing mask that can be applied to the ends or all the way up to the roots. Your thick hair will soak up the oil without leaving strands greasy. 

Curly Hair 

Curly hair might be the most indecisive hair texture of all time. Sometimes it’s dry and in need of a pick me up. Other times it wants nothing to do with your array of heavy hair creams. 

If this sounds like your daily hair struggle, Ghost Hair Mask is for you. It’s lightweight but conditioning formula will revive your bounce and shine without making your ringlets droop.

ghost mask

ghost mask

formulated to nourish
and hydrate without
weighing your hair down

Straight Hair

Thick or thin, straight hair has the tendency to show grease faster than other hair types. Just because you’re not quick to apply oil to your hair doesn’t mean you have to stray away from all DIYs. 

Make sure you apply the mask to your ends to make sure your mask doesn't turn the rest of your hair, especially the scalp, into an oily mess. Some of our favorite masks include avocado, banana, egg yolks and essential oils like lavender and tea tree. If you're not sold on applying coconut oil or olive oil to your hair, just substitute for milk!

Wavy Hair

Effortless waves are hard to come by. Girls with natural waves know that some days they have them and some days they fall flat. In order to maintain your wavy hairdo while giving some love to your damaged ends, look for products that don’t require a wash. 

After a fresh wash, spritz Leave-In Mist throughout your hair and concentrate it on your ends. This will give long lasting moisture that won’t make you want to immediately scrub the product out.

leave-in mist

leave-in mist

multitasking leave-in conditioner
that moisturizes, detangles,
nourishes and smoothes


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