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If there’s one thing you can expect from summer besides sunny days and vacays, it’s that the gorgeous weather calls for an endless amount of parties. With all different types of events filling up your calendar, it can be hard to keep your look fresh for each one. That’s why we’re here to inspire different hairstyles for each party you’ll attend this summer. 

Beach/Pool Party

An event where you’ll be jumping in the pool or lounging on the sand all day makes you want to throw our hair out of the way. Getting your locks up and off your neck will help you keep cool in the sun, and will also stop you from stressing about how it looks every time you get out of the water. Putting your hair into a messy top knot is the perfect cute and effortless style for a beach or pool party. Spritzing Dry Shampoo Dark or Light before creating the bun will freshen up your look if pulling your hair up high shows off greasy second or third day verb dry shampoos

Dinner Party

Whether you’re a guest at your closest friend’s potluck or your SO’s parents dinner table, a dinner party makes us want to dress up and show off our sleekest hairstyle. As much as we’d love to keep our hair down for this type of event, a hot summer night and outdoor seating just won’t cut it. Keep it classy with a slicked back ponytail, courtesy of Ghost Dry Oil. The Dry Oil is perfect for smoothing back pesky flyaways and frizz once your hair is already up in it’s ‘do.    

Graduation Party

No matter where we are in life, graduation parties will never not be a thing. And we’ll always be a little unsure how dressed up we’re supposed to get for them. Trying to play it safe with the dress code? Go for a half up half down bun. It’s simple enough for a casual party but, if you end up underdressed, shows you put in a little extra effort. Volume Dry Texture Spray is the perfect balance of grit and hold that will keep your bun in place all day and night, while adding some extra texture and wave to the rest of your look. 

White Party

White parties are one of those trends that will never go out of style. The tricky part of this dress code is standing out when everyone is basically wearing the same thing. To that we say, with your hair of course!! A waterfall braid is unique and adds some fun to an all white outfit. If you want to go all out and really shine in the crowd, spray Ghost Dry Oil Disco Edition on the braided sections for extra sparkle and glitter. 

End of Summer Party

Celebrating the end of summer is bittersweet, so you might as well go out with a bang, or in this case, your craziest hairstyle. Space buns are a fun look to try out for your last public appearance and will also help keep you cool in the intense August heat. If you feel like your little buns are going to fall as soon as you step out the door, keep them in check with Ghost Hairspray. It has just enough hold to make your hairstyle last without it feeling dry or crunchy. 

Now that you have a hairstyle for every type of summer occasion, it’s time to RSVP yes yes yes to all your invites!

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