An easy hair routine to add all of the volume

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The definition of “flat”: lacking interest or emotion; dull and lifeless. Universally, it's been known that flat is not something you want your hair to look like. Even when you want your hair to look straight and smooth, you still want a little bit of volume to give it some oomph (unless it's the slicked back look which is a huge trend!). For those of us who don't slick our hair back on the regular, we know the struggle of wanting our hair to look full and voluminous without ending up with a head full of frizz or hair that feels crunchy. 

Being from Austin, Texas we know that volume can have many shapes and forms and have heard the classic big hair sayings our relatives still swear by. So let's talk about how to turn your flat head of hair into a subtle all-over boost that looks natural! 

Before Volume Collection

To fully achieve that boost it's important to use a shampoo and conditioner that is formulated to help with hair thickness and volume like the Volume Shampoo and Volume Conditioner. In our formula, the active ingredient pro-vitamin B5 naturally thickens hair while adding body. Hair tends to fall flatter throughout the day so here at verb we lock in that volume with the Volume Spray. It's a lightweight, volumizing spray that amplifies hair for a full-bodied, pliable finish. Essentially, it's a weightless formula that instantly boosts any style, providing all over lift with touchable hold. So after the shower, give your damp hair some serious spritzing with this formula from root to tip (don't be shy, the more the better here). Pro tip: After Volume Spray blow dry your hair with your head flipped upside down until it's about 70% dry for maximum volume.  

After Volume Collection

Now that your hair is 70% dry, it's time to flip right side up and style your hair for that last bit of volume! The first step is to make sure to reach for a round brush here that way you can finish that last 30% of your blow dry by adding volume directly to the root with a round brush. shop verb volume collection

More of a visual learner? Watch the video below and learn how Verb Founding Member, Claire uses the Volume Collection to create a voluminous lob.

Next steps? Lock that style in with some hairspray so all your hard work wasn't for nothing. We've got two great options, the Ghost Hairspray and Strong Hairspray. Both have wonderful hold, but if you're looking for a lighter, medium hold, reach for Ghost Hairspray. Start giving your strands a spray while layering off your hair. Layering off your hair will ensure that your look stays voluminous all day long. 

Got more #hairproblems? We know the struggle and we're here to help! DM us on Instagram at @verbproducts and we can help!

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