Quick hair routine for work to happy hour

Let's face it workdays usually start with dry shampoo and somehow end with a top knot (when? how? no one ever remembers but it probably happens sometime around eating lunch at our desk). The introvert inside us is totally fine going straight home and watching The Bachelor, but sometimes social duties call. Follow these simple and quick tricks to put your best hair forward for the next rooftop happy hour or for that "just one drink in case they're weird" Bumble meetup. 

First things first, if you can start with a clean slate then more power to you! We recommend starting off the week with something like Volume Shampoo and Volume Conditioner to give long-lasting lift throughout the workweek. The color-safe Volume Shampoo and Conditioner works with patented copolymers that actually increase the diameter of each strand to leave you with smooth, tangle-free and voluminous hair. 

If you're a workout midday kind of human (go you!) then another must-have from the Volume Collection is Volume Spray. After a spin class or pilates, you can quickly spritz your sweaty strands with some Volume Spray from roots to ends to refresh hair before heading back to the office. All of the extra volume and body you'll get from spritzing and a quick dry will help you style on-the-go for happy hour.shop verb volume collectionSo let's move on to the 93% of us (hi y'all) that spray on dry shampoo in the AM and run out the door and definitely don't have time for that 1 pm yoga class although it's always on our to-do list. We've got just the thing to take your workday top knot to happy hour perfection. 

The biggest player first, dry shampoo! While you're at your desk (as long as it's not one of those open offices with free lunches that we're all jealous of where everyone can see you) puff some Dry Shampoo powder onto your hair while it's up in a bun. Let the dry shampoo formula sit on the hair for a few minutes before taking down. That extra time helps the natural tapioca starch soak up the extra oils on your scalp which then fall out when you brush through, actually leaving you with gently cleansed hair! If you're looking for an even quicker fix than the powder formula, we've got two more options of dry shampoo for you to consider – Dry Shampoo Light is made specifically for blonde strands to help beat brassiness with a lightly purple-tinted formula and Dry Shampoo Dark that is tinted to disappear in darker hair types (no more whitecast!). shop verb dry shampooNext on deck is the step that will take your newly fresh roots and bring life back into dull strands. After using dry shampoo reach for Ghost Oil to add weightless shine and hydration back into dry ends. Ghost Oil also works to tame flyways, eliminate frizz and you can throw it in your purse to refresh on-the-go if you do decide your Tinder date is worth going to dinner with after that drink.  shop verb ghost oilNow you're good to walk out at 5 pm on the dot before your boss can send you another email or if you want to style your hair here's a party pony inspo for a quick hairstyle on the go. Spritz some Ghost Hairspray all over before styling for a weightless, crunch-free hold that will take your style into the evening. 

Honorable mention... if you're feeling a little *extra* or just always want to be ready for an impromptu dance party then don't forget to add some serious glitter sparkle fun with Ghost Dry Oil Disco Edition. Really the name says it all but now you're ready to boogie into the night or ghost on your happy hour plans with great hair and zero judgment from us.