How to: braided side twist

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Follow this quick step-by-step guide from Freelance Stylist and Verb Educator, Spenser, to see how to create a braided side twist. You can also learn more about Spenser here

What you'll need to get the look: Verb Dry Shampoo $20 , Verb Sea Spray $20, hair tie, bobby pins and if you can't braid your own hair, a friend.

Before you start: Use Dry Shampoo to create light volume at the root and get rid of any excess oil. Then prep hair with Sea Spray to give it texture and a bit of grip for braiding.

Start a french braid from one side of your hair..

Continue braiding diagonal across the back of the head.. Secure braid with an elastic Pull braid apart to make a bit messier, you can spritz Sea Spray here as well Twist braid underneath and add a few pins, you can also wrap braid into bun Finish pinning the braid Spritz with Sea Spray one last time and use fingers to add texture and messy perfection And you're all done, it's that easy, promise! 

All photos by: Driely S. Check out her amazing Instagram here.

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