Dirty hair days: quick styles

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Y'all, meet Kayce. She works at Verb doing digital content. She's also writing this blog right now and has apparently started speaking in 3rd person. Hi! Watch as I show you how I use our Dry Shampoo + Sea Spray (both $20) to style my hair on dirty hair days.

I normally wash my hair about once a week and start using dry shampoo on day 3, 4 and 5. I use Sea Spray multiple times a day thanks to the Sea Spray travel size, it's lightweight and never feels crunchy. I'll stop talking now you can just watch below!

Step 1: Start by applying dry shampoo to the roots, let sit 1-2 min and brush out
Step 2: Prep hair by spritzing w/ Sea Spray to create light dry texture
Step 3: Enjoy your beachy texture or continue to style...
Step 4: Style however you'd like (you can see a few of my favorites above)
Step 5: Finish with Sea Spray for light hold and messy perfect texture.

sea spray

sea spray

for soft, relaxed waves
and light, dry texture

Fun fact: Our original Dry Shampoo is made of natural tapioca starch. The powder form of dry shampoo sometimes scares aerosol lovers BUT here's how it works: the powder absorbs oil and then falls out of your hair, that means it is actually cleaning your hair. The best part? You can use it multiple days in a row without accumulating build-up. If you're not into powdered dry shampoos and are fairly confident you never will be (although we never say never), we do have some color-specific alternatives that work just as hard as our powdered formula.
dry shampoo

dry shampoo

talc-free formulas
designed to make your
hair look and feel clean

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