How to: balance hair care and a busy schedule

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Hi y'all, Angie here - local verb social media intern - nice to meet you. I know I’m not alone when I say this, but sometimes my to-do list feels like its ten miles long. Anyone else? But here I am, making it work. The key is planning ahead. Know your schedule and designate the time to prepare for it. That way, you’re not stuck settling for last-minute decisions that are just b a d news. Because even though a messy bun is cute once in awhile, it does feel pretty refreshing to walk into work with beautiful beachy waves.

Below are a few tips on how I keep up with my hair on a busy college schedule, specifically focusing on balancing the gym, my meals, and my classes, all of which are tied to my hair routine!


Being in college has taught me a lot about scheduling and prioritizing my time. A couple days a week, the only time I have to go to the gym is in between my morning and afternoon classes. Full-disclosure: I only have time for a quick body shower post-workout. Not enough time for my hair to dry! Don’t get me wrong, there are days where the messy bun is the move. But not all days call for it. How do I manage my mane after a sweat sesh in a time crunch? One word: product. A lot of it. Specifically, Volume Dry Texture Spray and Dry Shampoo. I sprinkle some Dry Shampoo on my scalp and rub it in with my hands, or sometimes run a blow dryer through it for a second. Recently, I’ve been embracing my naturally wavy hair. The Volume Dry Texture Spray is ideal for my keeping my waves looking fresh and vitalized. I always work out with my hair in a bun to prevent it from sticking to my neck and shoulders, which can cause it to frizz up later on. Once I’m done, I take out my bun, finger brush through my waves, and spray some texture spray in to revive my waves! Super quick and easy. Plus I feel 10/10 walking into my afternoon classes knowing I have everyone fooled. Ha!


How good my hair looks on the outside all starts with what I put inside my body. Busy schedules can cause us to rely on unhealthy, convenient options (think fast-food). That’s why meal prep is so important. Taking an hour or two one day a week and pre-cooking a bunch of healthy ingredients and snacks is key to keeping your hair, skin, and body on a wellness track. Every Sunday afternoon I batch cook some quinoa, which contains amino acids that protect hair strands. I also always have wild-caught salmon on hand for omega-3’s, another hair booster. Roasted carrots and butternut squash, loaded with vitamin A, are awesome for cell growth and hair moisture. Always have those in the fridge as well. Can’t forget a batch of fat bombs (think nut-based balls of healthy fats and protein to help strengthen hair strands and keep you full!). On my busiest days, I’m not home for twelve hours at a time. I always pack my meals and take them with me. On other days, when I have a brief second between classes, I can whip up dinner in less than five minutes by just reheating everything from meal prep. Time crunch? Don’t know her.

Early Morning Classes

Okay, we get it, I’m a busy girl. So I’m tired, a lot. I’ll take as much sleep as possible please! I hate the idea of sacrificing sleep for a decent hair day. We tend to think that we can’t have both. Why though? In my day-to-day routine, I strive to challenge this. I find that taking showers at night helps my hair care for the next day. Pro-tip: don’t go to sleep with hair that’s too wet. In other words, don’t make taking a shower the last thing you do before hitting the pillow. I like to plan my showers so that there’s time for my hair to air dry a bit so that it’s damp, but not soaking, by the time I decide to go to sleep. At this point, I’ll either braid it or bunch it up into a low bun at the base of my head. I don’t flip my head over because trying to navigate that bird’s nest the next morning is a major league hassle. Once I wake up and have to dart off to class, all I have to worry about doing is taking my hair out and finishing the natural waves off with some product. I’ll spray some texture spray and top it off with a light run-through of Ghost Oil for weightless frizz relief. That’s it! Takes all of two minutes. Forget waking up an hour in advance to get ready. All about efficiency on this end! Sacrifices aren’t always a bad thing. But sometimes, if you work hard enough, you can have it all. Some shut-eye and hair shine? It's possible, I promise.

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