Hair styles for every version of Valentine's Day

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Ah, Valentine’s Day. It’s that time of year again. Whether you love Valentine’s Day, or love to hate it, we’ve got you (and your hair) covered.

Girls Night or Game Night?

Spending the night in with girlfriends? You might be the real winner here. Let your hair reflect the fun that you’ll have painting your nails and noshing on movie snacks. Embrace your natural do and bring out those curls! You can use a drop of Verb Curl Cream to enhance your curls or tame the frizz with Ghost Oil


Date Night?

For those of you who have a date night lined up, soft waves allow for a perfectly clean yet effortless look. They can be either dressed up or down for a fine dining experience or simply a quick bite to eat at you and your partner’s favorite diner. Spritz Ghost Hairspray on your strands before curling. Let tight curls cool down and brush through, finish with a spritz of Ghost Hairspray and Ghost Dry Oil for a lightweight smooth shine. 


Any Other Plans?

You can’t choose your family...but you can choose to hang out with them. A day out on the town with the fam is always a good time. Until your sister realizes you’re wearing her favorite sweater, and all hell breaks loose. Opt for a braid or loose updo to be prepared for whatever the day throws at you. Also essential for looking good  for all those scenic pics you know your mom is bound to take.


Whatever your plans may be, take them on with a smile and some amazing hair to match. The only thing better than digging into a box of Valentine’s Day chocolates is doing it while looking cute AF. 





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