Self care in the air: tips for a healthy flight this spring break

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It’s finally here... spring break! Full disclosure, I’ve been waiting for this since the day after New Year’s. I'm not a huge winter girl. Give me Christmas and then give me summer. In an ideal world, I guess. Btw, this is Verb intern, Angie (hi, y'all).

Personally, I’m jetting off to London for spring break. As excited as I am, I do have major FOMO seeing my friends touch ground on tropical islands. Regardless of where you’re going, or even if you’re committing yourself to your bed and some Netflix for the next week, it doesn’t hurt to have some healthy travel tips under your belt.

A 7 hour flight is a l-o-n-g time. Trust me. I’ve done it before. While there are plenty of tricks to feeling your best while in-flight, there’s prep that goes into it even before you get to the airport. Flying is well-known for its dehydrating conditions. Think about it; you’re trapped in a closed space with stale air circulating for hours on end. 24 hours before your flight, be extra conscious of your water intake. Drink plenty of water in preparation for the next day. Drink more than you think you need. This mindset will help you keep sipping all day.

Okay, so now you’re on the plane. Trapped forever. Well... not true, but it sure feels that way. Another pro-tip? Bring an empty water bottle so the flight attendant can fill it up for you. As long as it’s empty, it passes through security. I have a massive Swell bottle that I always take with me. This is how I ensure that I always have an adequate amount of water on hand at all times. Otherwise, you get stuck with a dixie-cup’s worth of water every hour or so, which is aecipe for dry skin, mouth, hair... you get it.

Speaking of dry skin, you’re going to want to hydrate that too. How? Not only is travel size everything ten times cuter, but it’s also majorly convenient. Make sure to pack travel size moisturizer and apply some semi-thick layers to your face every few hours. Again, the “more than you need” mindset may be helpful here.

4 hours in and all you can think about is showering. Relatable AF. A quick hair refresh will do wonders for morale at this point in your flight. Stashing a travel size dry shampoo and Ghost Oil in your carry-on is never a bad idea. I also always bring soft scrunchies with me for long flights. That way, I can keep my hair up and avoid getting it dirty from the back of the seat (hi germs!) without getting that classic hair tie line we all know and hate. 

travel sizes

travel sizes

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Anyone else a huge snacker? I have to munch on something every few hours to avoid a rage of hanger (which is not safe in a space as small and removed as an airplane cabin). Being plant-based, nearly every meal option offered in-flight isn’t a possibility for me. Hey dairy and meat, not-so-nice to see ya. Hard pass from me. So, what do I do when my stomach grumbles? While liquids are a no-go for security, dry foods are in the clear. I love taking travel packs of oatmeal and nut butter in my bag. Don’t be afraid to be a little needy! I ask the flight attendant for a paper cup and hot water. Oatmeal = done in under a minute. You can also meal prep your in-flight meals (think grain bowls) and toss ‘em in a tupperware.

The main focus in terms of food, however, is on beating radiation. Yup, not a typo. The higher your altitude, the more radiation you’re exposed to. Luckily, snacks that counter radiation are also hydrating and anti-oxidant filled. Health foodie win. Always trying to beat that dry, germ-infested air. Stash an apple or orange in your bag for a hydrating blast of hydration and vitamin C. Which brings us to my next tip…

Imagine being trapped in a box with an overwhelming amount of strangers, breathing stale and recycled air for hours on end, sharing lots of germs… Now open your eyes. You’re in-flight. Flying is your immune system’s worst nightmare. I always pack a vitamin C supplement with me, which I start taking a few days before I leave and definitely continue to pop when in the air. What’s worse than touching down in paradise and feeling like a solid 1/10? Not much.

I can tell you what’s better though. Hearing the pilot announce the final few minutes of the flight. You did it! The final stretch. I always perk up knowing that in a half-hour, I can finally feel my legs again. I’m also going to have to interact with other people. Probably should wash up beforehand. I use the last few minutes to run to the bathroom and whip out the travel toothbrush, toothpaste and mouthwash I packed in my carry-on backpack. Another run-through of dry shampoo, a swipe of deodorant and a quick spritz of a facial mist spray, and you’re almost as good as showered... almost. 

So flying isn't glamorous; that's a given. Anything I can do to make my experience more pleasurable is game. Preparation is key. Know what you're walking into and prep yourself (and your carry-on) with the right tools for the best self care in the air this spring break.

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